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This is mostly a technical post for readers of mine who like to participate in the discussions here.

Twitter Time

These days, everyone's got a Twitter account. So, in the finest tradition of bandwagon jumpers, I am jumping on the bandwagon:

What good is it? Sometimes, I have an idea that's just too brief to make a good blog post. To the twitter it goes! will also be handy for posting links to news articles and other blogs that I believe are important but would bog down the blog here.

This and That

Well, the A-J blog relocation seems to have gone well. Thanks to all the LubbockOnline staff for providing a swell home on the internet.

Unfortunately, the move meant that Lubbock Left posting and commenting went away for a few days. Oh well.

So, what did I miss? For starters, Alberto "I cannot recall" Gonzales got a six-figure/one-class professor gig at Texas Tech this Fall, earning Lubbock another black eye in the national scene.

Texas Progressive Alliance Blogs

I finally got around to updating my blogroll for the version of my blog (nearly done!). I want to take a moment to point out the Texas Progressive Alliance blogs. TPA is a great organization that has been promoting progressive blogs since 2006.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Job's Anger
Capitol Annex
Burnt Orange Report

Give 'em a try.

Is this thing on?


My name is Kenny, and I post on the internet under the name "Lubbock Left." I consider myself a Progressive (or Liberal, if you prefer) Democrat, and I will be writing news and opinion from that perspective.

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