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The New York Times reported on Sunday that Joe Biden is considering confronting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President,

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Donald Trump is not afraid of Barack Obama or anyone else.

The American people want warriors and not wimps.  They want brave and honest leaders who will deal with reality and not some distant Utopian nonsense.

Compromise does not work when dealing with Democrats.  Republican compromise is what brought us a weakened military, national economic regression, and Barack Hussein Obama.

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Hillary Clinton continues with her free fall in the polls.  A recent Quinnipiac Poll shows Hillary Clinton has fallen from a favorable rating of 50% and an unfavorable rating of 45% in November 2014 to a favorable rating of 40% and an unfavorable rating of 51% as of 30 July 2015.

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The fourth video was released regarding Planned Parenthood harvesting organs from aborted fetuses for the purpose of selling and apparently profiting from the organs.

Each of these videos is more gruesome and disturbing than its predecessor.

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Secretary of State John Kerry admitted in a Congressional hearing on Tuesday 28 July that our Senate would not ratify a treaty made by President Obama.  This apparently included the current nuclear deal with Iran, if it were a treaty instead of an Obama/Kerry deal.

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A third video was released on Tuesday showing the callous barbarism displayed when Planned Parenthood abortionists discussed selling body parts from a human fetus they had apparently just killed and extracted.  The abortionists discuss their desire to get the most money for these body parts.

These videos are very revealing and show the apparent callous disregard the abortionists have for the unborn babies they are killing. They speak strongly of their desire to make money selling these body parts.

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While Barack Hussein Obama disarmed the United States of America, our enemies took full advantage of Obama’s actions and continued to arm.

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As information continues to be discovered regarding the deal made with Iran on limiting Iran’s nuclear weapons program, the American people are realizing Obama apparently never intended to keep Iran from developing and deploying nuclear weapons.  The more we learn, the more it seems the deal was a hoax perpetrated on our Congress and the American people with Obama fully intending to give advantage to Iran and its nuclear weapons program.

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Democrats are being reminded of Hillary Clinton’s shady past with questionable business deals and political intrigue.

Even among Liberal Democrats, Hillary Clinton does not enjoy trust. At least three key swing states that Obama carried in 2012, presently would not select Hillary Clinton over some of the potential Republican candidates.

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Senator Ted Cruz was of the opinion that the Senate Majority Leader had lied to him and other Senators regarding the reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, which is a relic from the New Deal of FDR.

On Friday morning the Senate Majority Leader’s actions on the Floor of the Senate apparently confirmed the alleged lying to the satisfaction of Senator Cruz.  Senator Cruz spoke to his colleagues from the floor of the Senate and proceeded to call the Senate Majority Leader a liar.