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Dissidents who pursue democracy in Cuba were excluded from the United States Embassy in Cuba during the ceremony on Friday when the United States Flag was raised for the first time over the Embassy.

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The Islamic State (ISIS) apparently used mustard gas or an equivalent chemical on Kurdish fighters in Northern Iraq.  These Kurdish forces are apparently undergoing training with German forces, but only Kurdish troops were exposed.

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Was it the idea of President Obama and the EPA to purposely pollute the Animas River so as to shut down further mining and other real estate development in the area and even throughout our country?  Was the underlying plan to create a Superfund scenario in the area, which would effectively put a halt on further mining?

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It has been reported that the FBI has seized Hillary Clinton’s emails and possibly also her personal server, which contains these emails.

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The polls coming out after the first Republican Debate show those who will vote for the Republican Presidential Candidate in 2016 are increasingly against the Establishment Republican candidates such as Jeb Bush.

The voters prefer Donald Trump because Trump is not a politician and will do what he thinks is best to accomplish whatever job he tackles.  Donald Trump is thus far despised by the Republican leadership and even many of the anchors and commentators on Fox News.

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Senator Chuck Schumer and Representative Eliot Engel, both Democrats from New York, are opposing Obama’s Nuclear Deal with Iran.  Eliot is the senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Both of these men are significant in the attempt to block Obama’s efforts to assist Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

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Erick Erickson, editor of, disinvited Donald Trump from speaking at the annual Red State Gathering in Atlanta.  It appears that Donald Trump is really getting the RINOs anxious because he is moving the campaign rhetoric too far to the political Right.

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Iran has no more intention of adhering to the deal they made with John Kerry and Barack Obama on nuclear weapons than they do in adhering to previous agreements and sanctions imposed by the United Nations.

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Both Republican debates went well on Thursday.

From the early debate, Carly Fiorina clearly rose from the pack.  She was solid presidential material.  The others did fine, and of course, any would be an infinitely better President than Obama.

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President Obama’s speech to give cover for his support of Iran’s nuclear weapons program was most unpresidential.  Obama was offensively smug and arrogant.