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By: Donald R. May on March 30, 2014 - 1:20am - Add new comment

Following his visit with Pope Francis, President Obama flew to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  King Abdullah has become very nervous about Obama’s support for Iran and Obama’s lack of willingness to stop Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

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It appears that Commander in Chief Barack Obama is not a threat to our enemies but only to our allies and to us.

Putin shows only disdain toward Obama and laughs at the antics of Obama and John Kerry.  The worst that Obama and Kerry could come up with is telling Putin he is acting like a 19th Century tyrant because he is taking land from another country. 

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Pope Francis and President Obama had a meeting in the Vatican.

The Vatican reported,

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Religious Liberty is the central issue in question before our Supreme Court in both the Hobby Lobby case and the Little Sisters of the Poor case.

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President Barack Obama does not appear to understand the size, power, and danger posed by our adversaries.  On Tuesday Obama said Russia is only a weak regional power.  Bloomberg News reported,

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It is now very clear that President Barack Obama is very hostile toward both the Jewish and Christian religions.  This clearly reflects in Obama’s attitude toward Israel and the United States of America.

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ObamaCare is four years old and certainly has not improved with age.  Like all Marxist health care schemes, ObamaCare has been enormously costly in terms of wasted taxpayer money, jobs destroyed, economic stagnation, lost health care coverage, and the decreasing quality of health care available to ordinary people.  The entire ObamaCare disaster was totally predictable.

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Vladimir Putin and the other thugs of the World have three more years of Obama during which they are free to invade and conquer.

Barack Obama has done nothing to slow or to stop the Putin takeover of Crimea and the annexation of Crimea to Russia.  Obama put forth some silly sanctions, and Putin laughed and moved on.

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Vladimir Putin is increasing Russia’s military and economic presence in South America.  Obama’s cutting of our military power and Obama’s obvious diplomatic and military incompetence are causing China and Iran to also increase their presence in South America.

The Hill reported,

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Vladimir Putin is in charge.  Barack Obama is not, which is embarrassing and dangerous.  Putin is intent on putting the Soviet Union, or at least the Czarist Russia, back together again.

In 2005 Putin made his intentions clear,