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By: Donald R. May on August 27, 2015 - 12:21am - Add new comment

The shooter who killed a reporter and cameraman in Moneta, Virginia, was a very disturbed man who did not work well with others.  He had worked with the reporter and cameraman he killed at the same television station for about a year until he was fired in early 2013.  The shooter apparently thought the reporter and others disliked him fo

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F-22s are being moved to Europe as the tip of the spear in confronting Vladimir Putin’s ongoing attack on Ukraine and intimidation of other Eastern Bloc countries.  The F-22 is our most advanced and formidable aircraft and is still very capable of handling any military assets the Russians may have to oppose it.

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Three Americans, a Briton, and two others were awarded France’s highest honor, the Legion of Merit on Monday.  They had disarmed an Islamic Terrorist who intended to kill hundreds on a train headed to Paris. 

The quick thinking of these men saved many lives.  They are men of courage and real heroes.

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As the investigations progress, more potential criminal activities on the part of Hillary Clinton are uncovered.

More than 300 of Hillary Clinton’s emails have thus far been declared having potential secret government information.

Hillary’s Blackberry was apparently not government issued, and as such was not encrypted to handle secret information.

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Obama’s Global Warming hoax has hurt domestic coal production.  Obama’s supporter billionaire George Soros just bought up large amounts of undervalued coal shares with the apparent expectation that these coal shares will rebound in the future, especially after Obama has been replaced by a Republican.

By: Donald R. May on August 22, 2015 - 1:14am - Add new comment

Hillary Clinton is really on the downhill skids.  The normally Liberal news media is realizing Hillary’s political career is coming to an abrupt end, and they realize there are going to be many good news stories at Hillary’s expense.

Hillary continues to drop in the polls against the Republican candidates.  Hillary continues to drop in the polls against Democratic rivals.

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Those side deals Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barack Hussein Obama made with Iran are quite shocking.  One must assume that both Kerry and Obama are fully on the side of Iran in its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

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There is much concern that Hillary had her server wiped clean of all traces of her emails, especially those emails that could implicate her with the abandoning of Americans in Benghazi and the subsequent attempt to hide what really happened in Benghazi.

By: Donald R. May on August 19, 2015 - 1:17am - Add new comment

Donald Trump maintains his commanding lead of two to one over his closest rival.  Trump is achieving this because of his great appeal to the mainstream voters who have been waiting for someone of courage and wisdom to lead our nation back to sanity and security.

By: Donald R. May on August 18, 2015 - 12:31am - Add new comment

Hillary Clinton is blaming her email problems on another Right Wing Conspiracy directed at her.  However, the Department of Justice and the FBI are under the Obama Administration, and Obama is definitely not part of any Right Wing Conspiracy.