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Guy Bailey: TCU's move into Big 12 would stabilize conference

Posted: October 6, 2011 - 11:16am
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Bringing Texas Christian University into the Big 12 makes the conference more stable, said Texas Tech President Guy Bailey.

Bailey spoke to The Avalanche-Journal earlier today during a break at the university's regents meeting.

Bailey said he and other presidents of schools in the Big 12 held a telephone conference today, beginning about 6:30 a.m.

At that time, the presidents authoritized the interim commissioner Chuck Neinas to make the offer to TCU, Bailey said.

Although athletics stood as the primary reason for the offer to TCU, Bailey said, "I think their academics are harmonious with the Big 12."

The presidents' vote to make the offer was unanimous, but Missouri, on advice of legal counsel, did not vote.

Bailey said the presidents did not discuss Missouri's situation.

Missouri said earlier this week it would look at exploring joining other conferences.

"If Missouri leaves, we'll get another school,  but I think we'd all prefer for Missouri to stay," Bailey said.

The Big 12 is also losing Texas A&M a year after losing Nebraska and Colorado.

TCU's acceptance is not a "sure thing," the Tech president told The A-J.

However, Sources told CBSSports.com TCU will accept the invite for the 2012-13 school year.

Multiple TCU sources told CBSSports.com "it's a done deal."

The CBSSports.com report said by leaving the Big East before it officially became a member, the Horned Frogs will have to pay a $5 million exit fee, but are not bound by the Big East's 27-month requirement for notification.

Bailey said conference presidents did not have a timeline for TCU's move into the Big 12.

He'd like to see the move as soon as possible, next year would be preferable, Bailey said.

TCU was a member of the Southwest Conference before some of its members, including Texas Tech, left to form the Big 12 in the 1990s.

Recently, TCU had announced plans to join the Big East Conference.


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How Is This Good For Tech?

The admission of TCU does nothing but take metroplex TV sets away from Tech. Tech assigned its interest to Texas and Texas threw Tech under the bus. Right or Wrong?


Not good for Tech

Hocutt should be fired immediately for letting this happen on his watch.

Why does Florida opposed Florida State's entry into the SEC?

Why does South Carolina oppose Clemson's entry into the SEC?

Why do those athletic directors protect the recruiting advantages of their schools and Hocutt does not protect Tech?


Welcome to the UT conference.

What a relief that UT has given President Bailey permission to speak. Such a good boy.

Tech should be doing everything in its power to bolt from the Big 12. We should not be left standing in room without Colorado, Neb, A&M and Mizzou. Welcome TCU, UTEP, UNM, SMU and Rice. Eek!

While we'll be a bigger fish in a smaller pond, the biggest fish -- UT -- is still left to spoil the well. Kudos to A&M for getting out from under that orange puke. Why in the world are we hanging around?

Doesn't Texas have sunshine laws? What in the heck is keeping Tech tied to UT. What does UT have over us? It's time to shine a little light on these dark secrets and backroom deals. Or Bailey can continue to be UT's lapdog.

Raider Red should jump off this sinking ship while we still can....



Our coach and AD won't be able to avoid playing them if they're in the conference...even if they don't feel our team is up to the challenge.


Well, Well

So a few of you are starting to notice that our boy The Lobbyist only makes certain of his ties in Austin. Good morning.


you guys are not using common

you guys are not using common sense....the point is to make the Big 12 stable. Tech does not want to leave the Big 12....we are not strong enough to go it alone, the Pac 12 does not want just Tech, plus we don't fit in that conference geographically or philosophically. Super conferences, though may be in the future, are not the answer and will probably not work because of two reasons mentioned above....remember location location location...schools can't travel great distances with all it's sports teams etc...Plus TCU is a good fit for the Big 12...and again the goal is to make the conference stable. TCU being in the conference is not going to effect Tech's appeal in the Metroplex...and the statement Holcutt should be fired is the most ignornant statement I've read today. How could he prevent TCU from joining the conference, he's only one vote, plus Tech obviously wants TCU in the conference...again for those who are slow, TCU is a good school athlectically and academically and will help stabilize the conference.


Politics as Usual

It has been reported for some time that now that "some" universities wanted TCU to be added while others opposed it. How many of you would want to guess that it was UT pushing for the addition of TCU. I admire TCU and what it has done with its perennially strong football program, but ask yourselves what does it really add to this league?

1. It does not increase the Big 12 footprint in any way whatsoever. There are no new media markets, no in-roads for recruiting--zilch, nada, NOTHING.

2. TCU is not an AAU member, so it most certainly does not increase the academic prestige of this league after it has lost TAMU and Nebraska. We may soon have to add Mizzou to the list.

3. Certain elements in Texas, i.e., politicians wanted TCU in this conference even though it makes no sense really. Hance and his austin cronies as well as businessmen like the Basses are thrilled to do a backroom deals to get TCU back in a BCS conference.

4. Hocutt as well as Comissioner Neinas have talked about the "great interest" show by numerous universities in joining the Big 12. Why not add BYU, West Virginia, University of Cincinnati, Louisville? These are universities with much stronger academics, additional fan bases, and a larger geographic area for recruiting and expansion.

5. This deal smells of Texas politics, and it is rancid. I wonder if our administration, i.e., Hance and Bailey, are anything other than proxy lapdops for the University of Texas at Austin. There were numerous other universities opposed to adding TCU, so why is everyone on board now?


common sense

wscott - common sense suggests to me that it would have been better to make the conference stronger without making Tech weaker.

TCU and Tech often go head to head in recruiting. Tech had the advantage of being in a better conference. That advantage (though certainly not Tech's only advantage in my mind) will be gone.

The cost of losing that particular advantage is unknown. It may be great. It may be small. But it is real.

I don't understand how you can honestly conclude that Tech will be stronger because of this move.

It was only a short time ago that Neimas himself said there seem to be no appetite for adding another team from Texas. What changed? Why was Tech ineffective in preventing that change?

BYU, West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati would each bring new markets that TCU does not bring, without the TCU side-effects.

What happened?


@Tech Mike

This is exactly what I was alluding to in my response. Adding TCU most likely will dilute TTU's recruiting while it will have little to no effect on UT's recruiting. If Texas students don't buys TAMU's line that playing in the SEC (for a perennially underachieving program) is a step up, those former TAMU recruits might have chosen Tech (UT can't take everybody). Now, those recruits will have one more choice in Texas. TTU, Baylor, and TCU will often fight for the remainders. I CANNOT imagine for the life of me what the advantages were for the Big 12 to take TCU (total student body of 9, 142 students) other than UT wanted it and got it. I am not sure how or why this played out, but you can all bet that it has DeLoss Dodds signature on it and it will work to UT's advantage. Where is the TTU administration in all of this? Do they not have ANY vision or any voice? Why wouldn't they object and look elsewhere? As I said, this move was politics as usual.



TCU adds nothing. Nobody cares when they play on TV. No one travels with them on their away games. No one cares to go to TCU for a game at home. When Tech last played in Ft. Worth there were twice as many Tech people as TCU in their own stadium. Guy Bailey is ignorant if he's listening to advocating TCU's entrance. GO GET Florida State. Go Get Miami. Even Houston would make more sense than TCU.


They are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear

Business facts. Fan base = rating = tv money.

Here are some numbers that should make those in the Big 12 cry in their beer from a NY Times article:

Aggies have the sixth biggest fan base in the country; TCU - 65th. Quite a trade down in what the TV guys are buying and so what they are willing to pay for.

And, add to that that UT's self-centered, every-man-for-himself approach has run off Nebraska (18th biggest fan base), CO (56th biggest fan base) and is in the process of running off Missouri (23d biggest fan base) with NOTHING back, yet - and only much smaller fan base universities even being talked about as replacements (Cincinnati, etc). It is an ugly time for the Big 12 business wise for any Big 12 member that doesn't have a special $300 million account from ESPN to draw on.

My question is what hve TTU's top guys done to try to keep this train wreck of a loss in conference tv appeal from happening? Whatever it is, it hasn't been effective.

However Hance and Company played those cards they wouldn't tell us about, they have come out taking a bath business wise. Only UT looks fat and happy with all the top teams that have left and are trying to leave the Big 12.

Adding small potatoes won't make up for the loss of big potatoes.

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