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Twitter reactions to the Marcus Smart-Jeff Orr incident from Saturday's game between the Red Raiders and Cowboys

Posted: February 10, 2014 - 1:02am
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Here are reactions to the Marcus Smart-Jeff Orr incident at the end of the Texas Tech-Oklahoma State game late Saturday, posted on Twitter:

Former Baylor/OSU player John Lucas III (@Luke1luk)

I just saw the video that same fan was at the games talking crazy even when I was in school I don’t forget a face he says a lot of crazy ish ...”

“Out of his mouth when u are in the game. And he is a grown man talking to kids the way he does.”

“Was he smart by pushing the fan I would say NO. Cause he has way more to lose. It has been many of times I wanted to go in the stands”

ESPN college basketball commentator Dick Vitale (@Dickie V)

“Just saw Smart incident-wrong 4 reacting like he did no matter what the fan said. Kid was frustrated & fan prob. said something negatively.”

“Just saw u-tube on the fan in the Smart situation & he can’t cheer with class-hearing from twit fam that he loves to get on players.”

“Guy involved in the Smart situation is NOT a fan as HE IS Classless .Saw u tube of him in game vs A&M-still Smart can ‘t use his hands !”

Former OSU player/college basketball commentator Doug Gottlieb (@GottliebShow)

Jeff Orr to a #TexasTech friend of mine via text “I kinda let my mouth say something I shouldn’t have, I feel bad”

“This is what an implosion looks like, poor leadership by Travis Ford... Can’t keep Marcus on the bench.. Bad decision”

Former OSU player Desmond Mason (@dmasonart)

“Some things are hard to ignore, BUT no excuses! Deal with your consequences. I was called the N word EVERY game I played in Lubbock!”

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Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale is the No. 1 rear kisser-name dropper-no talent in history. Could care less what he thinks and less of credit card thief Doug Gottlieb and never heard of Desmond Mason. This incident was totally the result of a frustrated player who has thin skin and is on a team that is overrated and underachieving. Travis Ford's days are numbered.



His tweets are a classic case of freedom of speech abused. DOUBTFUL that he heard the "N" word every time at the arena (unless it was he and his teammates using it).



Immediately tweets that the enn word was used--per the indoctrination that got the leader of the free world elected with the block of 11% of the population. Twice. Any retractions yet from Mason? I didn't think so.


What". No Michelle Obama comparisons,

but still somehow tying things to one of the Obamas.

At least you are consistent in your Obama hate and racism FactsRFacts.

“Out of his mouth when u are in the game. And he is a grown man talking to kids the way he does.”

We are the role models for the younger generations, and Mr. Orr is an example of the roles some older fans are modeling, and then we condemn the younger generation for acting like the older generation.

And this sort of things start in little league sports, with parents and coaches modeling these same confrontational and, sometimes, violent roles.




I guess this sort of behavior is okay as long as the person exhibiting these behaviors is an older and "more respected" person.

"Do as we say, not as we do" is modeling a hypocritical role.

And then, look at the percentage of athletes who engage in sexual assault and domestic violence as they work their way from high school, to college, and professional sports.

We teach our children well by acting the way we act.

Edited to add: According to The Washington Post, blacks make up 12% of the voter population, not 11%, and, proportionally, more blacks voted in 2008 and 2012 than whites.


It must gall people like FrFs that blacks and other minorities can have an impact on national elections. Oh, for the good ol' days when whites like FrFs could openly suppress minority votes, instead of passing unconstitutional voter suppression laws in the name of "election integrity", and gerrymander minority voters out of the election equation.



The bigots of the Klan are of the impression that the Obamas have any business being brought up in the subject of the Orr debacle. I've read some of the hate tweets not represented in this piece.

Hooded folk have had to find new online homes now that Storm Front is no more.

Mason is correct about the use of the word by bigots in the crowd.


Jeff Ross

This "kid" would be making millions right now if he'd declared for the NBA draft last year. I don't know many "kids" making millions. In 6 months, this "kid" will be. I don't know many "kids" who walk up to an adult and hit them with the confidence they can get away with it. Ask youself this question: Where did this "kid" learn his actions? Where was his parents when this "kid" did what he did? Did he get grounded or get made to stand in the corner? Get a timeout? Have to miss cartoons for a couple of weeks? Continue your race baiting, though, and have a wonderful existence with what's left of your life!



Do you have any proof of these accusations? If not, then you know what to do, I'm quite sure. What I find odd is that not ONE current of former Texas Tech basketball player was interviewed about Orr or about what they thought of their own fans' behavior over the years. And not ONE Tech alumni's twitter account was stalked by the grown adult media to see what they had to say about the incident. We still haven't heard a retraction from ESPN, CNN, FOX and other "adult" journalists about painting Tech as racists along with the fan. If you don't want to accept the facts, then get out of the discussion. The race card was played first by Smart then carried to its full potential by major media outlets across the country. And we wonder why race relations STILL have tension. But what do you expect when the extremely clean language of Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, er Lion, even Beyonce and Kanye West are accepted and are too commonly played on the radio. It's sad when more people know who Kanye West is rather than who Steven Curtis Chapman is.

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