Tuberville discusses what goes into third-and-long play calls

Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville fielded a couple of questions Monday about run calls on third-and-long, a circumstance that's had Red Raiders fans grousing at offensive coordinator Neal Brown this year.

Tech faced third-and-6 or longer 11 times Saturday in a 59-21 loss at Oklahoma State. On those occasions, Tech quarterbacks completed 3 of 9 passes with an interception, a sack, two other quarterback pressures and a touchdown.

The Red Raiders ran twice: a 9-yard gain by Eric Stephens on third-and-15 from the Tech 20 and a 1-yard loss by Sadale Foster on third-and-10 from the Tech 21. Tech trailed 28-7 in the first instance and 45-14 in the second.

“Third-and-15 or 20, I’ll pass that over to y’all and let y’all call those plays,” Tuberville told the media. “Those are hard. What happens is we’ve gone back, and we tend to turn the ball over a little more than we should on those situations, because they’re dropping eight (in coverage). They’re not going to let you throw it in there. You’ve got to be dang near perfect.”

OSU safety Shamiel Gary intercepted Doege on a third-and-15 throw from the Tech 18, setting up the touchdown that moved the Cowboys ahead 21-7. It was Doege’s fourth interception this season on a play from inside Tech’s 40.

“We’ve been trying to play a little field position,” Tuberville said. “A lot of times you’ve to take your medicine and run it, try to get some yards back and punt the ball down the field and play defense. You can’t put everything on the quarterback on every snap.”

Tuberville said on the occasions the Raiders played it safe, the makeup of the offensive line played into it. Left tackle LaAdrian Waddle left with a knee injury early in the second quarter, and the shuffling that resulted left only center Deveric Gallington in his original spot.

“We were having a tough time protecting Seth,” Tuberville said. “We didn’t want to continue to turn (pass rushers) loose.”


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i thought a short quick screen pass was the call if they're blitzing?


Do a better job on 1st and

Do a better job on 1st and 2nd downs and you won't have 3rd and long idiot...

1st and 10: Bubble screen 2nd and 13: Draw 3rd and Long:........


Uncle Rico

Coulda won state but for those injuries, other teams. Bet you could slap the GA across the mountains too.


he was mad

Just heard from a reliable source that Tubby was mad at the special teams coach because he didn't have his corndog and Mountain Dew ready when he walked up to him. Now that's a slapable offense if there was ever one.........


Brown still needs to go !

I don't care who's mad, grabbing ga's or injured. Overall, as a team, improvement has been made (not counting osu debacle) this year, even overcoming Neil's regression. If I see one more bubble screen, I might run naked across jerryworld, smash neil's headset, and eat crow along with neil's playlist . That play needs Elway's arm and Bullet Bob's speed to work consistently, we have neither. Grow up or get out Neil !!


As a Tech fan...

We have all endured our fair share of dumb@zzz calls during a Tech football game. From Leach's 4th and 4, try to draw the defense offside's while lining up under center for the first time all game and then blowing a timeout. To, 3rd and 15 and running it up the middle. We all understand what they were trying to do but it still is either senseless or gutless.


I Wish He Would

The Tubster tells the media, "Third-and-15 or 20, I’ll pass that over to y’all and let y’all call those plays...”

If he would actually let the media call those plays (or my wife or our 3 year-old next-door neighbor), we'd have two more wins...

Tubs, it may be hard on you guys, but the play-calling is killing the rest of us.

On an even more depressing note: I just got off the phone with Arkansas' and Tennessee's AD's, and neither school wants the Tubster. If anyone sees the vultures circling, please let me know?


Brown's play calling

Is awful. Tubs either needs to take the constraints off of Neal or fire him and bring in someone that has a philosophy that Tubs can agree with weekly. This offense is a train wreck.



Speaking about his third down play calling Tuberville said. “A lot of times you’ve to take your medicine and run it, try to get some yards back and punt the ball down the field and play defense."

If this is the thinking on 3rd downs, then it is very clear why the team gives up when the going gets tough. Why even think about punting the ball before you get to 4th down - Maybe I just don't understand football anymore???? I thought the object on the first three downs was to try to get a first down, not set up for a 4th down punt - help me out someone????


Where is Kirby????

Nothing from the front office while the program takes a nose dive...


please take this off the website!!!!

it has almost been a month. we know why tubby runs on 3rd down. he thinks it is cute...

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