Marcus Smart must show better judgment than he did Saturday (Krista Pirtle's blog)

I didn't see it when it happened, and like most of you, I didn't hear what was said.

I'm living off the replay, whether it be on Youtube or SportsCenter.

In an instant, the reputation of one of the best players in men's college basketball was tarnished.

Whether Oklahoma State sophomore guard Marcus Smart was provoked or not, he needed to control his temper.

No excuses.

He's the preseason Big 12 Player of the Year for crying out loud.

As one of the faces of college ball, Smart is a role model to many young basketball players across the country. 

At no time should it ever be okay for a player to attack someone in the stands.

For example, Ron Artest in 2004.

(The Knicks take on the Thunder in OKC today at noon, so Ron Artest, I'm sorry, Metta World Peace, will be in town.)

Not only did Smart's unwise reaction cause some scrutiny, it also cost his team the game.

Oklahoma State only trailed by two and Tech senior forward Jaye Crockett was about to attempt two free throw shots.

If Crockett would have made both, the Cowboys would have six seconds to score a pair of quick buckets. 

Crockett only made one of his free throws, and if Tech hadn't had a pair of free throws from Smart's technical, Oklahoma State would have had the chance to send the game to overtime.

Instead, Smart exploded and put his team in a bad position.

While Texas Tech was only 2-of-4 from the free throw line and held a four-point advantage, Smith's actions locked whatever momentum was left for Texas Tech.

When he decided to forego the NBA Draft after last season, he said he wanted to lead his team to the Final Four.

An action like this, however, isn't the ticket to Jerryworld in April.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby will make a decision on Sunday that can either be a private reprimand, a public reprimand or a suspension.

Personally, I will be surprised if he isn't suspended.


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Not so Smart


Congrats to the fans of all kinds--students and townfolk. And of course to Tubby and the players. It looked like the major conference game that it was. Beyond refreshing.


Smart Wasn't Smart

Krista I agree with your statements. And sadly this isn't the first display of his anger and temper. This is just the first time he has shoved a fan. If action isn't taken including a suspension it will continue to escalate. Every fan base has their verbal fans. And opposing coaches and players have to ignore them. He is playing D1 basketball and this isn't his first year. So no excuse for his actions. I'm not defending the fan but saying the actions of Smart can't be justified regardless of what the fan said. If I would react like that at work I would be fired. He is a young adult and time for him to learn that their are consequences for your actions. If there had been more done after his previous displays of out of control temper it may never have reached this point.



I'm waiting for a reaction / comment from the fan. He is a known commodity at TTU basketball games. Did he or didn't he say something inexcusable? Regardless, that man is old enough to know better. Why is he jawing at a college student?

We all agree that Smart used poor judgement in doing what he did, but even with all the frustration of the moment, I doubt that he would have gone into the stands if something despicable wasn't uttered.

If the fan did say something, then he is a part of taking the focus away from a great effort by the Tech basketball team and that's a shame.


Signs of life

It was great to see fans in the seats. This is the first positive sign from the fans that Tech basketball is not dead and might be off life support at the end of the year.


half way reporting

Of course Smart was wrong by shoving this guy. Of course, he will/should be suspended. Of course, OSU BB team is headed downward like Baylor's. Of course Orr should have his tickets revoked because, as you didn't investigate further, this idiot said something (he admitted to) he shouldn't have.


Of course you

All are correct on point to Smart reacting to a rabid fan. He should have never put his hands on another for any reason.

Imagine, if we white folks can, being told to "Go back to Africa", and in THIS time how that would affect YOU?

Imagine is all you can do.

It was a unforgivable utterance in my humble opinion.


Question for Krista

Here's a Jeopardy question for you. Who tweeted, on November 24th, 2012, "Best part of the Baylor win. Walking past the Tech players on the way to interview Baylor". This after a Baylor girl's win in Waco. Give up, it was you!! Hope you get that SI job, sooner than later.


Orr should have been knocked

Orr should have been knocked out.


Setting the record straight

Orr said "piece of crap" or "you piece of crap" and then apologized before getting pushed. What he said could have been said because Smart crashed into the stands right beside Orr's elderly mother. Whom Orr accidently hit a little bit going after Orr. Smart is a well known "flopper", whiner and complainer just like fellow OSU alum Dez Bryant.

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