The Battle Against Tyranny

When we compare the voice of Conservative reason with the voices of the Progressive Left, the experience can be a dramatic and life-changing experience.  The political divisions that now exist in the United States of America are among the most dramatic in our nation’s history.

The tyranny of Socialist evil has descended like a heavy weight on the heart and spirit of our nation.  Racial hatred is encouraged, hard work and prosperity are demonized, American Exceptionalism is ridiculed and treated as a curse upon our nation, trillions of taxpayer dollars are diverted to unions and other supporters of the Progressive Left, and laziness and non productivity are encourage and heavily subsidized.  Thomas Jefferson warned us,

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he
disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

George F. Will wrote,

“Today, as it has been for a century, American politics is an argument between two Princetonians – James Madison, Class of 1771, and Woodrow Wilson, Class of 1879. Madison was the most profound thinker among the Founders. Wilson, avatar of ‘progressivism,’ was the first president critical of the nation's founding. Barack Obama's Wilsonian agenda reflects its namesake's rejection of limited government.”

The differing views of our Constitution during the 20th Century are clearly shown by the comments of Presidents Wilson, Reagan, and Clinton.  President Woodrow Wilson said,

“The American Constitution is little more than ‘political witchcraft’ from the past, and ought to be discarded so that we can get on with the Progressive project of building a ‘national state.’”

President Ronald Reagan understood the intent of our original Constitution.  He concisely let it be known,

“Our Constitution is a document that protects the people from government.”

President Clinton was of the opinion that the Constitutional rights of We the People got in the way of his plans to rule,

"If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the government's ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees."

President Barack Obama has a Radical Far Left political ideology.  Obama appears to be intent on quickly transforming the United States from a representative Republic into a Socialist Democracy and beyond.  Like Presidents Wilson and Clinton, Obama has a distinct distaste for our Constitution because it inhibits his desire for a rapid transition of the very foundations of our government.

Barack Obama said during a 2001 Chicago Public Radio interview,

“ . . . the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution.”

“ . . . generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties.  It says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the Federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the Federal government or State government must do on your behalf.”

Our Constitution protects us from Barack Obama and his fellow Progressive Socialists.  Obama does not like that.

This is again a time when great courage is needed.  We the People must have the courage to kick the Progressive Left out of power in November and then drastically reduce the size of our government.  If we do not, or if we fail, we shall surely become the vassals and slaves of unkind tyrants.

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@May Republican tyranny in Michagan.....

May, I posted this a couple of days ago, which of course drew no response from you. You seem to be into re-runs so I will re-run this comment.

Since, you didn't comment before, I will assume that you were just too busy to read it. Well here is your second chance.

The governor of Michigan and the majority in the Legislature are Republicans.

"Michigan's legislature recently passed a law establishing a new form of local government unknown anywhere in the United States: government by decree, with citizens ruled by an unelected official.

Under the guise of fiscal "emergencies," the new law empowers the governor to appoint an "Emergency Manager" for any local unit of government. Emergency Managers can sell off public property, shred union and other contracts, dismiss elected officials and even dissolve the local government entirely. All with no citizen oversight."

Benton Harbor, Michigan found its democratically elected government dissolved and replaced with one of these "emergency managers." Who did indeed sell off some public property, and dissolved existing contracts.

In addition Michigan now has three other cities operating under the emergency manager law.

And there is a way out of this, maybe?

Michigan law allows any bill passed by the legislature to be suspended and put on the ballot in a general election, if citizens submit a petition with 6% of verified voter signatures. Such a petition was submitted and the proper number of signatures were certified by the state elections board.

So what happened next? Well it's complicated, but there is Republican Fascist tyranny behind it all. Follow the clues.

" A group called Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility is challenging the petitions, saying they're not legal because the heading is printed in a smaller type size than required. The board will consider the challenge in making its decision. If it decides the challenge is legitimate, the repeal won't get on the ballot."

With this we now see there is opposition to the petition. Democracy, yes?

"LANSING -- Opponents of Michigan's beefed-up emergency manager law are headed for the state Court of Appeals after a state elections panel declined by deadlock Thursday to place a referendum on the law before voters in November.

Herbert Sanders, attorney for the group Stand Up for Democracy, which collected 203,000 petition signatures to put the issue on the ballot, said he would file an appeal of the Board of State Canvassers' decision within a week.

The canvassers split 2-2 along party lines (Democrats supporting and Republicans opposed) after hearing exhaustive testimony on a single point of contention about the adequacy of the petitions -- whether the typeface used on a heading met a statutory size requirement.

The Republican-nominated members of board concluded that it did not, touching off a raucous protest from supporters of the ballot proposal who packed the room and assailed the emergency manager law as an affront to the basic principles of democracy.

"I think there is a legitimate question as to size," said Republican Norm Shinkle, who, along with GOP member JEFF TIMMER, voted against it."|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

The font size on the petitions was too small. It was 10 and it should have been 12, and somewhere someone wrote a rule about font sizes for this sort of thing.

Well hey the bipartisan board of State Canvassers voted on this, and it was 2-2, which translates as a loss. People worked and got over 200,000 signatures, what is the big deal about if the heading on the petitions are in 10 typeface or 12, right?

Well, we need to engage in a side adventure here:

"For 34 years Bob LaBrant raised money for the Michigan chamber’s political action committee. Last month he retired; about the same time the ballot committee known as Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility was formed by LaBrant, Michigan Bankers Association Vice President of Government Relations John Llewellyn, and Larry Meyer; former CEO of the Michigan Retailers Association who's now retired. .."

"LaBrant says the committee wants to stop voters from deciding the fate of Michigan’s controversial emergency manager law during the November election. He hopes the state board of canvassers will throw out the signed petitions based on a technicality. "

"LaBrant is now working part time as senior counsel to republican public relations firm The Sterling Corporation.

The Sterling Corporation also runs the group known as Michigan Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility; a separate, federal non-profit, that can lobby or raise money for political campaigns. Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility is a state ballot committee. LaBrant says he was unaware of the similar names when Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility was founded."

One of the people in line to decide the fate of the referendum to challenge Michigan’s emergency manager law has a business interest in the outcome. Jeffrey Timmer is a partner at The Sterling Corporation and is a board member on the State Board of Canvassers. That’s the bipartisan panel that will make the initial ruling on the challenge."

Yes, that is the same person as Republican Jeff Timmer who is on the State Board of Canvassers. (see above) and who voted against accepting the petition because of font size.

There are even more interesting side shows going on , but this should make all of ask ask what is happening to our country. Or maybe ponder the point: "Is Republicans learning?" That would be along the lines of learning to be tyrants and dictators.

The governor of Michigan is a dictator. He has the power to declare any city/town in the state of Michigan under emergency management, and then send in a single person who replaces all of the elected officials in that city/town. The citizens lose their voice in the democratic process. Maybe these little "dictatorettes" will decide that there city will not hold elections in 2012.

BTW, the majority of the residents of those cities under emergency management are black......

Ah, but the Republicans aren't racist are they.

What would Thomas Jefferson think about these actions?

This is a perfect example of the tyranny we can expect when Republicans are in complete control on anything---like the state of Michigan.



I will say the same thing you said about my links on oil prices .. you knew you were wrong so you totally dismissed them out of hand otherwise you knew you would be exposed as the OBLIVIOUS one that you are.



'Gov. Rick Snyder's administration says emergency managers would be allowed to remain in place while the current law is on hold because the state would revert to a 1990 law authorizing their use. But they would have far weaker powers than those outlined under the current law.

It wasn't until the current law passed last year that emergency managers were authorized to toss out union contracts and strip authority from locally elected officials, though Treasury spokesman Caleb Buhs said local officials could lose their salaries under the old law. He added that putting the repeal on the ballot doesn't stop more emergency managers from being appointed in cities and school districts found to be under financial emergencies.

The ballot decision will affect emergency managers in the Detroit, Highland Park and Muskegon Heights school systems and the communities of Pontiac, Flint, Ecorse and Benton Harbor. It isn't expected to affect an agreement on finances reached last week between Detroit city and state officials.'

I read through the Public Act 4 law on Michigan's website. First of all, I want you to understand that I am not comfortable with what they did. However, this is not an instantaneous thing to appoint an EM, but more like a lengthy process that involves something like 24 steps, which allows the cities to get their finances straight before the powers get stripped and new officials put into place. Personally, I am glad that this will go to ballot. This is something that should be decided by the voters, not the governor. This could turn really ugly when abused.


From the Michigan State website

Emergency Manager Background: Under Public Act 72 of 1990, the state is authorized to intervene in units of local government that experience financial emergencies. The House and Senate recently passed legislation that allows the state to intervene at an earlier stage. The new law also expands the power of emergency managers in order to better equip them with the tools needed to address a local unit’s financial emergency. Some are spreading misinformation about the legislation and trying to use this issue to provoke the kind of fighting seen in Wisconsin. Half of all jobs lost in the entire United States over the past decade were lost in Michigan. Dozens of local units of government are experiencing serious financial challenges. We are in a crisis. Setting the record straight: The Emergency Manager legislation is a proactive approach to preventing a local unit of government from experiencing a financial emergency.  An Emergency Manager would be appointed only in the event of a municipal financial emergency.  By allowing the state to intervene at an earlier stage, the need for an emergency manager can be avoided.  Appointing an emergency manager would minimize the likelihood that a local unit of government would be unable to provide basic services to its citizens. State intervention on local unit financial emergencies is not new, nor is only supported by Republicans:  Michigan has had an emergency financial manager law on the books since 1988.  The original law was signed by Democrat governor James Blanchard.  An emergency financial manager has only been put in place a total of 10 times in more than 20 years. Emergency financial managers have been utilized by both Republican and Democrat governors.  State Treasurer Andy Dillon, who previously served as the Democrat Speaker of the House, is leading the administration’s effort to ensure emergency managers that may be necessary in the future are properly trained. Despite the misinformation being spread by the media and on the Internet, the legislation does not give the governor the ability to remove elected officials at will. Claims that it does are simply not true.  The legislation includes a series of triggers, one of which must occur before a review of a local unit’s finances is even conducted, such as failure by the local unit of government to pay creditors or make timely pension contributions.  Even if an emergency manager is put in place, local elected officials can only be removed from office if they refuse to provide information or assistance.  The governor already has – and has had – the ability to put an emergency financial manager in place since 1988.  The governor already has – and has had – the ability to remove elected officials for failing to do their duty or for corruption. This power was established in Michigan’s 1963 constitution. Former Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm used this power to conduct removal hearings for Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Detroit mayor who stepped down from office and was then later convicted of corruption. An Emergency Manager can only be put in place if local elected officials fail to take the steps necessary to prevent a financial emergency.  Emergency managers are accountable to both the governor and the Legislature, which in turn are both accountable to voters. The goal is to give emergency managers the tools they need to protect residents and address local government financial emergencies.  Labor contracts make up the bulk of local government expenses. Because emergency financial managers do not currently have power to adequately address these issues, long-term financial problems are not solved. This legislation does not eliminate collective bargaining:  Although an emergency manager may void contracts to prevent the local unit of government from going into bankruptcy, new agreements still could come through the collective bargaining process.  If the municipality was to enter bankruptcy, a judge would have sweeping powers to undo contracts. Bankruptcy is a much bigger threat to collective bargaining.  The governor has repeatedly said he will work within the collective bargaining system.



You are the king of blind vassals.

Mitt Romney favors the rich, understands the rich, and will cater to the rich if he is elected President of the United States. He does not understand We the People. I do not think he cares to quite frankly. Look at his record in Massachusetts.

Barack Obama knows We the People, understands We the People, and is one of We the People.


After reading more information

about the EM situation in Michigan and its background information...the new law makes sense...and if this information were to be put out for their citizens to see it and be completely informed as to what is going on and why before they go to the voting ballot.


@Angela Your graph

Angela, according to your graph, gasoline prices hit an all-time high of $4.12 on 7/14/2008.

That would have been under King George's rule.


@JMarie EM in Michigan

JMarie, I find the Michigan law disturbing because it gives the state the power to dissolve democratically elected local governments and to replace them with a single "manager" who isn't even familiar with that city or its people. The city gets no input in the process.

But, putting all of that aside, what is disturbing is how the 200,000 plus signature petition was "tossed out" by the State Canvassing Board because of the "font" size on the heading. Give me a break.

Then add the Jeff Timmer connection--on the canvassing board and also who is connected to a group opposing the repeal of the law, smells like dirty politics and looks like dirty politics.

Michigan is already an Obama leaning state. These actions by the state are likely to turn it bluer.

A recall petition has been started for the Governor. I hope they get the font size right this time.



see next comment



Did you even read the history? It was a law that was originally written in 1988 and put into place by Democrat Governor James Blanchard. In otherwords, this law has been on their books for 20 years and the only difference between what is was added was the ability to strip union contracts. The ability to remove elected officials has been in their state constitution since 1963 and was used by Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholme to conduct removal hearings for Kwame Kilpatrick (former Mayor of Detroit). On top of all that, the guy heading up the training for the Emergency Managers is State Treasurer Andy Dillon (a Democrat) who previously served as Speaker of the House in their State legislature. Even with all this information coming to light....I do hope that they do make this information very public and they do allow the citizens to vote on it. However, all it would do is eradicate the changes to the original law, not abolish the original law.



JMarie, I am not familiar with that incident.

I would simply come back with when politics are involved, what does history have to do with anything?

Consider the history of Iraq starting around 1900 and moving forward. Consider the history of Afghanistan.

What we are seeing is the backlash to the Tea Party tyrants who won in 2010. Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is facing a recall election in June.


@history is relevant here

because the law has been on the books since 1988 and the current govenor added an extra stipulation to it....stripping the union contracts. He didn't change the original law, he just added to it. It doesn't matter to me whether or not they run him out of office. It won't change the original law.


@JMarie Yes

JMarie, yes it is relevant.

But, from the perspective of the way EM is being portrayed by the media, it would appear that the groups of people who are currently being impacted by the current version of the law, could care less about the history.

The Republicans are in control The current governor is getting the blame because revisions were made to the law. It doesn't really matter what those revisions are. People impacted by these "takeovers" are simply reacting to what they see as injustice. They aren't willing to listen to history lessons. They will see those as political spin.

That is the reality of the situation.



That is sort of the point I was making too. There is a group making a highly emotional campaign over a change in the law. I still think that they should make all this information very public and they should let the voters decide. That would be the only way to appease a situation like this.



I nearly forgot. May Day is the Communist celebration day.



Yes, I knew when I posted those graphs that the gas prices were high under GW Bush. I also noted that those gas prices were driven back down over 100$ a barrel by Bush's executive order removing the drilling moratorium. So for you who are so OBLIVIOUS to it and keep harping that gas prices were high under Bush.. YES we know this, that wasnt the point of the article which was to point out that Bush took action and brought those gas prices back down by executive order.


@Angela Yes

Angela, the Obama Administration removed the drilling moratorium in October, 2010. And so?

What part of oil is a commodity sold in the Global market do you not understand? What part of increased production costs do you not understand?

What part of Obama has little to no controls on the price of oil do you not understand?

This has been discussed here numerous times and you still don't get it.


@JMarie I agree.....

JMarie, I agree the information should be made more public, but I think it's too late now.


@JMarie Three points.....

JMarie there are three points about this Michigan law that need to be pointed out. So regardless of the contents of the old law/revised law, how about some input on this from your viewpoint?

There are no success stories to report in the cities where the law has been applied, and that also includes the older version.

Why did the Republicans feel the need to wage war against the petitions that were signed to repeal the law? Over the font size on the petition---give me a break?

And what about the blatant conflict of interest of Jeff/Jeffery Timmer who was on the State Board on Canvassers and also part of a firm involved in fighting the petition?


@May Question?

May, who do you know at the Lubbock County Appraisal District Office?

Your property values have not changed since 2009. How do you manage that?

Every year, I fight to keep mine going up 10%.

I guess when the value of your house reaches those folks in the 1% house value range, you get a pass...........


Tyranny on the streets can come from government in other forms,

for example, in the form of simply failing to provide basic protection from physical harm....... and being complicit by failing to report it.

This is the type tyranny I sense is going on in South Africa where the government wholly denies the rape epidemic there.

Oh what the media types helped to bring down upon the heads of the innocent. And they can't even restore their own ability to publish the news there.

Who says we are not becoming another Zimbabwe.......



Why are you so fascinated with May's personal finances.. are you a stalker??

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