Netfix and football: Texas Tech coach chooses 'Narcos' over Texas vs. Notre Dame

Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury didn’t have time to watch Texas defeat Notre Dame in double overtime, 50-47, late Sunday night.

He was busy catching up on his Netflix shows.

“I did not (watch that game),” Kingsbury said. “I was watching 'Narcos' season 2. I didn’t get to see it Friday, so I was on it hard yesterday.”

Patrick Mahomes, though, did watch the game. 

“It was an awesome game. Two really good teams, both teams, quarterbacks, played well, all the quarterbacks in the game,” the junior quarterback said. “It was exciting to see a high-scoring game with a lot of different changes and momentum.

“I haven’t watched Narcos yet. I will though, soon.”

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