DMN: Keys to the game - Tech vs. Baylor (Raider Buzz)

The Dallas Mornings News' Kate Hairpoulos broke down Baylor and Texas Tech and predicted a 56-21 score, yes in favor of Baylor. Her four keys to the game were

1. Can't miss Oakman.

2. Baylor defines game control

3. Flags and turnovers

4. At AT&T to stay.

This  is what she had to say on flags and turnovers: Texas Tech and Baylor are the two most penalized teams in the Big 12. The Red Raiders have 101 penalties for 945 yards in 11 games, an average of 85.9 yards per game.

The Bears have 101 penalties for 894 yards in 10 games, an average of 89.4 yards per game. But the teams don’t compare when it comes to turnover margin. Baylor is +9 on the season, gaining 19 and losing 10, while Tech is -10, gaining 14 and losing 24."

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