Where the banned Grass grows

Nuclear Poems, Pacific Fallout and Chicken-Fried Prozac


With the Pacific full of glowing garbage, I shouldn't wonder why women have to batten down the hatches. The Great Equal Pay and Planned Parenthood War is the perfect distraction from our Iranian wet dreams and our Heartland falling into the sea.

Forget hormones in milk, sink your teeth into some Prozac chicken and watch the media white noise.

Luckily we have allies on all sides: vying for the Paul Ryan Solutions to our Debt, exploding donations to Nixon's Planned Parenthood, the first book from a former Obama insider and of course drought-inspired programs to turn water into tremors.


Above all this strategery, we find the most threatening, the most powerful weapon of terror in an area where training camps are B&B's, and martyrdom is found atop an Underwood.

The largest threat to Peace in the Middle East is a simple poem calling for an end to aggression.

A few years ago, Guenter Grass was drafted into the Nazi regime alongside Pope Benedict XVI. Guenter Grass is now an eighty-something Nobel-Prize winner who objects to selling a nuclear sub to Israel retrofitted for nuclear weapons - at a steep discount funded by German citizens.

Whatever vital role you feel Israel plays in The End Times, you must first read the poem What Must Be Said yourself (unless you speak American like I do and have to read the translation). I did not anticipate the history textbook nature of the language. But I was probably surprised the most by the fact that so many people still read poetry.


It is both inspiring and chilling to rediscover the power of the written word. Could every issue be brought to an international trial-by-fire with rhyme? I hope so.



RIP Mike Wallace

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You must be a Qu'ran reading Islamic intellectual ?

You are Corruptor of Minds....God save your soul. Of course , I might have missed your point . But when I see my Dollors Bill I see exactly what you are talking about ; but I have no problem with it .

Some of the most famous people were ' freemasons ' ....what is wrong with that ? The Most Famous structures of the world were build by freemasons; the Statue of Liberty and it's cousin in Paris for example .

So what is your problem wavettore ?


God, don't you have a spelling checker?

It is Dollars, not Dollors.

My grandfather and two uncles were Freemasons. I was invited but declined because I do not like secret societies.


So I stand corrected in my spelling ....

But ' Gingao' '....so you like Islam . Good for you.


It's Highly Honorable to be a FreeMason....

Freemasons have had a great hand in making the most beautiful structures of the world . The entire lay-out of Washington DC, was done by freemasons; it points to a certain secret point...if you don't know ....well, you just don't know . Of course, just like in any other groups or soceities there are those that corrupt the the mission. That's what we read and hear about ...how the Masons interrogated people and tortured people.....and dismembered people .....Hogwash ! Again, look at the US Dollar Bill...it was designed by a Jew/Mason ! The former (prior to Obama) Cadillac emblem was design by a jewish/mason decended ...who are you?


US and Cadillac is missing the Crown !!!

Notice that since Obama came into office the Emble of the Cadillac lost it's 7/Point Crown ....guess what the seven points stood for ? 7/Spirits or 7/Feasts ring a bell ?

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