May Day in the Rearview

The threat of leaderless Democracy isn't going away anytime soon.

Luckily it's not about regaining lost rights as much as it is about the march for new freedoms.

As 3 billion pounds of glowing garbage heads toward the North American coast, I hear the grunts of Robber Barons boasting, applauding themselves for a supposed glut of natural gas. Obama's fast-tracked pipeline readies to tar and feather our Ogallala. Thousands of protestors with Occupy 2.0 filled the streets completely under the radar - dozens arrested (a far cry from the record-setting arrests in the past, progress perhaps?).

What are they complaining about now? Didn't their mastermind declare the Economy on the road to recovery? Who has ever heard of a "Worker's Holiday?" I don't think Hallmark has a card for that…yet.

The Canadians certainly don't want the pipeline over their Rocky pass. How many times should Americans surround the Whitehouse to stop a dirty and foolish enviro-policy written by the Barons of Energy?


One thing Occupy has accomplished that most of Hollywood fails at is The Sequel. Bigger. Better. Completely new and suprisingly original.

The Headless Hydra of Democracy is a beast. Why not change the laws to debark, displace, and declaw this dangerous branch of Mainstream America?

America has seen low points, but strip-searching kiddos and grannies? Americans frightened at the thought of visiting Arizona or Alabama? The employed homeless filling the disappearing shelters? Is that the same America that put Whitey on the Moon? Is that an America for the future?

Who would be so frightened by the specter of a voice of informed dissent? I guess we should ask our Corporate aristocracy who they think should be scared when people fill the streets. Who is more threatened by hoodie marches, school closings, mental clinic closings, private armies and speakeasy doctors?


Luckily, while Uncle Sam walks the plank, Buffet passes the torch to Stephen King.


Step aside Job Exporters. There is a new Leviathan in town. It is angry. And it is organized.

Welcome to the Summer of Discontent.


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Red diaper baby ex-communist David Horowitz tells plenty about the Occupy movement.

There is much code spoken today by enemies of traditional American liberty, the same kind of liberty that made us a world power and without which America cannot remain a world power.

When Occupiers use the word Democracy, do they mean it exactly the same way the communists in the Communist Party USA mean it?

Did everyone hear that the five who allegedly sought to blow up the bridge were also involved in the Occupy movement there?

From defecating in public to this, gee, I can see just exactly how Occupy making America a better place! Not!


Thanks for responding

I must admit I am a fan of David Horowitz, but I enjoy all extremists equally. Without people on the fringe pulling us toward the Red Menace, or toward a fascist Corporatocracy policy debates might actually involve facts and not factoids and conversations and not character assassinations.

Double-agent Dave and his Spy vs Spy cold war throwback is always an entertaining notion. He forgets 1929 and the fruits the world has been reaping at the hands of Disaster Capitalism. Waste=profit, Death=profit. Even St. Adam Smith knew that the Godhead Market needs to be reigned in because short-term capital gain doesn't equal good social policy. However, to classify autoworkers, the homeless, high school kids and any concerned citizens exercising the American Tradition of protest as a Main Street plot to overthrow the Christian Nation of Corporate Welfare seems like a fair assessment. If your neighbor gets robbed by crooks (white collar or otherwise) does a true American shrug it off and mind their own business, or does the American Spirit demand your actions seek justice?

Maybe some people believe that votes shouldn’t be bought, some might prefer a marketplace of ideas to a political sideshow mudfest. Colonialism didn't work out for nation states why should it suddenly work for our corporate overlords?

What’s so Democratic about a public gathering where actions are decided by unanimous consent?

-- That is a great article.

I was horrified at this single instance of terror coming from a global movement...until I read the article. Then I was horrified for another reason entirely.

I can see these plotting ruffians being a genuine threat to the nation:

“But there was no danger to the public in the bridge-bombing plot because the explosive devices were inoperable and were controlled by an undercover FBI employee, the agency said.”

Gotta love entrapment.

Undercover suppliers and plotters are the real threat to Occupy and the American Traditions of Freedom, simply because they will always make a terrorist organization out of anarchists.

Isn't it wasteful spending to pay for fake bombs to frame kids who just wanted to break things?

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