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With last week’s win over Kansas State, head coach Mack Brown still has hope the Longhorns can run the table and win the Big 12. That pipe dream will be shattered by early November and it seems likely that Brown will either resign or be fired at the season’s end. Let the rampant speculation as to who will patrol the sidelines for UT next season begin:

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Washington State thumped Idaho 42-0 last night in what was yet another pointless NCAA football blowout, but the game in Pullman at least had some postgame fireworks—thanks to the head

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Success deserves to be validated. So Texas Tech receiver Bradley Marquez raced to his iPhone when he learned the Red Raiders had landed at No. 25 in this week’s Associated Press college football rankings.

Sure enough, Marquez discovered he was a key contributor on Team Siri.

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It won’t always be this easy for the Red Raiders, but games like their 20-10 victory over No. 24 TCU on Thursday night show that Texas Tech needs to be taken a little seriously this season.

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At least eight former Oklahoma State football players say they received cash payments from people asso

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The Craig James era at Fox Sports Southwest will be a short one.

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The St. Louis Rams are getting their practice squad pieced together.

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     Coming off of game three I was frustrated with my performance.  It was just one of those frustrating games where it seems that nothing is going your way and you are fighting yourself trying to get back on track.  But there is only one version of the truth in football and that is the eye in the sky... the game film is your resume and you are signing your name to it every time you play.  Coach Cecil says that there is no audio on the film for a reason.  You can't talk a big game anymore, you have to walk it!

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Coming off of the high of my first NFL game, we headed back to Rams Park for another long week of training camp.  I was confident from my play but was