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New Big 12 member TCU announced a series against Minnesota earlier this month.

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Payments to former Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe totaling nearly $5 million included both a bonus for negotiating a multiyear TV-rights deal and a severance package after he stepped down amid conference turmoil, reflecting the high stakes of college-sports realignment. The payments, which appeared in conference tax documents recently made public, also included part of Beebe's salary for the 2011-12 fiscal year and retention bonuses, Beebe said.

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Greatness is defined in so many different ways. Statistical production, individual awards, team success, longevity, supporting cast, level of competition, raw talent and athletic ability all factor heavily in determining overall greatness. Sometimes, you simply know greatness when you see it.

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The Big 12 wants to have a greater postseason presence in Florida and get into more bowls that its fans can reach by car.

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Texas Tech running back Eric Stephens knows the Cowboys will be looking hard at his position in the upcoming NFL Draft.

With starter DeMarco Murray missing time in each of the first two years because of injuries, the Cowboys need a capable backup and potential starter.

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The Detroit Lions will host Texas Tech safety Cody Davis, one of the standouts at last weekend’s Super Regional Combine in Dallas, on a predraft visit this week.

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In the legal field, stereotypical and in reality, one sees an attorney advocate the merits of a client’s position to a court. This normally is done after research into the past, present, and likely future predicament that said client could find themselves in, with or without the desired action of a court.

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The Brittney Griner era ended Sunday night in Oklahoma City. Griner, Baylor’s 6-foot-8 giant who is to women’s basketball what Wilt Chamberlain was to men’s basketball 55 years ago, went out with class. Baylor lost to Louisville 82-81 in a massive upset, but Griner played maybe not well by her standards, but fiercely and with pride and with dignity.