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I'm sure many people want to know the bright side on a day when Mike Leach said McKinner Dixon is likely to be ineligible.For one thing, Brandon Sesay is good to go. He had to finish up a summer-school class this week, and he found out for sure on Thursday that he'll be able to play for the Red Raiders this season. Sesay told me he did "great'' and never worried about making it.

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The big news out of Texas Tech camp Thursday is that DE McKinner Dixon apparently has fallen short again in his efforts to regain his academic footing and play for the Red Raiders.Dixon was at practice Thursday night, but Mike Leach said it's doubtful he'll be playing this season. Rather than put Leach's quotes in two places, I'll let you hit the link at the bottom of this entry. Just like the last time Dixon became ineligible, back in the spring of 2006, Leach didn't seem very sympathetic.

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--Remember that intro from "Batman,'' not the movie, the old television series? "Another glorious day in Gotham City ... ''Well, it was another glorious evening in Lubbock. Heat-wave temperatures during the day but back into the 70s and calm for tonight's Texas Tech practice. It's 77 degrees at the moment.The combination of high expectations and evening practices in pleasant weather has yielded a pretty good turnout at Tech practices. I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 fans, maybe 200 came out to see the workout.

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In doing the Texas Tech section for Texas Football this year, I picked Detron Lewis to be Tech's "Breakout Player of the Year.'' I'm hoping Lewis makes me look good after I dropped the ball last year. See in 2007, as Tech's "Breakout Player of the Year,'' I went with Ed Britton. Not that he flopped. Britton did make 48 catches for 631 yards and four touchdowns, and that was way more than what he had the year before. It was, in fact, a breakout year for Britton.

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Todd Walker hasn't practiced the first two nights. As you know, Tech is hush-hush with injury information. However, Todd came into the Football Training Facility on Sunday, players reporting day, and looked groggy and not well. I was told it's a respiratory infection or something of that nature.So I"m assuming that's the reason he's not been out there for the first two workouts.

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Former Tech LB Mike Smith and former Tech WR Jarrett Hicks were at practice on Monday night. Tuesday was basketball coaches night. Tech basketball coach Pat Knight stopped by as did longtime Shallowater basketball coach Ray Morris, who checks in when time permits to see how his son, Eric, is doing.

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With day three of college football practice comes shoulder pads. With shoulder pads comes tackling. That's what's in store for Wednesday's Texas Tech practice."We'll tackle every day as long as coach (Mike Leach) allows me to be defensive coordinator,'' Ruffin McNeill said Tuesday night. "We'll tackle every day -- before practice, during drills and during practice. We're going to work on tackling. That won't change.''That's a sure way to many a Tech fan's heart, based on the last few years.

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Special teams coach Clay McGuire said tonight that Mike Crabtree is being considered to return kickoffs, but not punts. Nothing's set in stone; it's just an experiment. But the thinking is if Crabtree can touch the ball another two or three times a game, then that could be another six points ... or better field position to start a drive or two.As it stands, however, Detron Lewis and Edward Britton are the first pairing of deep men on kickoff returns.

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Mr. Everything Mike Crabtree got some work returning kicks on Monday night. It's something that Tech coach Mike Leach evidently has signed off on. "I think he'd be good at it and have (thought so) for a while,'' Leach said. "I think he'd have a chance to be pretty good at either one (returning kickoffs or punts), maybe better at punt.''In any case, we probably haven't seen the last of Crabtree on special teams. Will the Raiders do more with their star receiver in the kicking game?"Yeah, probabaly,'' Leach said. "We'll see.''

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The Raiders made a position switch Monday that they had kept under wraps for the last couple of weeks. L.A. Reed, who went from WR to S in the offseason, is now going from S to CB.Lest anyone wonder, Reed said it's not a first-week experiment."I'm staying at corner,'' he said. "I've just got to keep learning. We've got a good three weeks before the season starts. I stayed out here (Monday night) and did the second practice, too, to pick up some more reps so that I can learn it faster.''