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A few days ago, we did a story on Colby Whitlock, Texas Tech's freshman defensive tackle who's generating a lot of buzz. Tech defensive coordinator Lyle Setencich said Whitlock's one of the best freshman DTs he's seen, and he was good enough that defensive tackles coach Ruffin McNeill considered starting him in game one.I guess that's no surprise, considering where Whitlock comes from -- Oklahoma. Recruiting that state in the last few years, Tech has signed Jake Ratliff, Pete Richardson and LaRon Moore.

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Jerry Moore finally got things to go his way in the last minute. Good for him.That was my first thought when Appalachian State beat No. 5 Michigan 34-32 Saturday -- what's being billed as the biggest upset by a little school over a football factory.How it went down at the end is the best part. The Mountaineers kicked what looked like the game-winning field goal and then, after M-U hit them with a long pass, had to block a Wolverines field goal at the end to win it.Nothing at all like 1985.

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As a followup to the blog entry on Jerry Moore, his Appalachian State team is not part of Division I-AA anymore.Lest anyone misunderstand, the Mountaineers didn't earn a promotion with that stunner over Michigan.The NCAA is doing its best to do away with the I-A and I-AA distinctions. They want that we refer to the little schools as being in the "Championship Subdivision'' of NCAA football, and refer to the major colleges as being part of the "Bowl Subdivision.''

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Whoo-hoo! For the season opener, Texas Tech is wearing the black helmets/white jerseys/scarlet pants combination that the Red Raiders wore last year at Texas-El Paso.I know it might not be popular, but it is with we members of the 40-and-over set. It takes us back to the 1960s, when the Donny Anderson bunch wore white tops over scarlet pants with the black helmets.A classic Tech look.Wish they'd do it more often.

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Just saw former Kansas State coach Bill Snyder in the press box today at Gerald J. Ford Stadium here in Dallas. SMU coach Phil Bennett was defensive coordinator for some of Snyder's really good Kansas State teams.Guess Snyder wanted to come see one of his old understudies.K-State coach Ron Prince did really well to make a bowl game in his first season, but I'll be surprised if he's able to get the Wildcats back to the level of consistent double-digit winners, the way they were under Snyder.

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I was surprised when SMU publicist Brad Sutton told me on Sunday that there were still tickets left for this game. Let us count the reasons why:1) A season opener.2) SMU fans are supposed to be fired up after their first non-losing season in 10 years.3) That oft-talked-about Tech alumni base in Dallas.4) It's a holiday, and the weather's ideal -- plenty warm, but with overcast skies shielding you from the sun.And yet, I didn't exactly get an early start to the stadium today, and I barely had to touch the brakes on my way in.

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OK, 45 minutes from kickoff. It's prediction time.Tech 27, SMU 20.A lot of Tech backers think that the Red Raiders roll today. I'd like to see it happen, naturally. But, in this stadium, in the not too distant past, I've seen worse SMU teams annoy the heck out of Tech.Figure that the Raiders will need this game to work out a lot of kinks and get a lot of kids acclimated.I'll be surprised if they win as easily as some people think.

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OK, so maybe weather's not ideal.A colleague tells me he got caught in a heavy rainstorm on the way to Gerald J. Ford Stadium. The National Weather Service did put the odds of rain today at 40 percent.So bring an umbrella.It's still the season opener. No reason not to be a sellout.

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Defensive end Tyler Yenzer suffered what looked to be one of the scariest injuries of Texas Tech's preseason workouts and spent the next couple of days in a neck brace.But Yenzer returned to workouts last week and was on Tech's return unit for the opening kickoff.

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Edward Britton returns the opening kickoff 46 yards, out near midfield. That was longer than any Tech kickoff return last year.Now L.A. Reed returns a kickoff just outside the 40.We're already starting to see the impact of kickoffs coming from the 35 instead of the 30. Reed fielded the kick at his own 15. Jessie Henderson's kickoff return to the SMU 49 came after he took it at the 3. Last year, that's two yards deep in the end zone, so he has to think about it whether to down it.