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Red Raiders football notebook: Not giving it away

Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville disputed a claim that Justin Keown was tipping off Oklahoma State defenders about the Red Raiders' play calling.

Posted: November 14, 2011 - 11:58pm  |  Updated: November 15, 2011 - 1:06am
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Not giving it away

Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville disputed a claim Monday that center Justin Keown was tipping off Oklahoma State defenders about the Red Raiders’ play calling.

“He calls plays at the line of scrimmage,” Tuberville said of Keown. “He calls fronts and stuff like that. I’m sure what they did is they might have picked up on some things that he was saying as they were going and running.

“After you hear it long enough, you can figure out what’s going to happen. No, there was nothing to that. I would imagine when somebody figures something out, they’d feel good about themselves and say, ‘Hey, we knew what was coming there.’”

OSU linebacker Shaun Lewis told The Oklahoman on Saturday that he knew Tech was going to run a pair of draw plays to close out the first half.

“Those last two plays before the half,” Lewis said, “one of the D tackles told me that the center told him the play. It was going to be a draw twice.”

DeAndre Washington had runs of 11 and 6 yards to close out the half. The former was Tech’s longest run of the first half.

“We know what’s coming a lot of times, too,” Tuberville said, “but those were two of our better plays in the game. So if they figured it out, it didn’t help much.”

OK to make mistakes

Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown said Saturday that quarterback Seth Doege lost his confidence early in the 66-6 Oklahoma State loss.

On Monday, Doege said he tried so hard to not make any mistakes that he played worse.

“I can’t worry about whatever happens,” Doege said. “I need to worry about one play. If we throw the ball so many times a game, the worst thing I can do is throw an interception, that’s fine. I just need to go out there and compete and play my game and not worry about how many points they have on the board or what other things are going wrong.”

Injuries piling up

Texas Tech senior defensive tackle Donald Langley and sophomore inside receiver Aaron Fisher were injured Saturday against Oklahoma State and will miss the rest of the season.

Langley suffered a broken ankle, Fisher a torn anterior cruciate ligament. Both will have surgery in the coming days, Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said.

“Aaron was pretty much our team captain on special teams, and he had made some crucial third down catches this year,” Tuberville said. “He’s really coming into his own. He had hurt his elbow a couple weeks ago and it’s tough to lose him.

“Of course, Donald is the type of guy that was one of our defensive leaders that had some quickness inside that gave us some pressure on the quarterback and was probably our leading defensive lineman in tackles.”

Junior inside receiver Austin Zouzalik, a Coronado product, will likely miss the rest of the season, as well, Tuberville said. He missed Saturday’s game after suffering a concussion against Texas.

Senior tight end Adam James suffered an abdominal contusion Saturday and is listed as probable for this weekend against Missouri.

Junior weak safety Cody Davis strained his back against OSU and is also listed as probable for the Missouri game.

Missing Stephens

The loss of junior running back Eric Stephens to a season-ending knee injury on Oct. 8 has been particularly glaring the last three weeks.

Not only has Tech struggled to run the ball — rushing for 30 yards against Texas and 101 against Oklahoma State — but Stephens’ skill at pass protection has been missing.

“You can’t put a price tag on the guy that’s been there, done that and played in tough games,” Tech coach Tommy Tuberville said. “We didn’t realize the type of pass protector he was, and not letting the pocket collapse.

“It’s been different. We’ve had to change our offense a little bit in terms of the pass plays that we ran with Eric.”

Quarterback Seth Doege said he’s not worrying about what Tech doesn’t have, and he gave a vote of confidence to true freshman running back DeAndre Washington.

“We still have some great running backs,” Doege said, “and the running game hasn’t been great, but it’s not always the running back’s fault either. I think they’re well capable of making a lot of plays. I think you’ve seen DeAndre Washington really come along lately, and he’s made some big plays for us. He’s going to keep getting better, and he’s going to be more productive each and every week.”

Compiled by David Just

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too bad

Too bad about Stephens, thought the others would step in.perhaps they still will. Read the press conference and it was very interesting. You make your own legend, guys. Being a fan is just being a fan.,were not down there or in the locker rooms, so if you say all is well, then I dont have a reason to doubt it. There is 2 games left to make history , good or bad. best of luck to all of you.


Laughing stock

Fire Hance, fire local sports media holding the party line, tell Tubs to go back to ESPN, and just hope that a Leach type wants to give the pulse of America another shot. Be honest with yourselves, these suits in their luxury boxes and Perry appointees are ruining Texas Tech with a money is God and pride is right approach to life.


re: LODOTX (above)


100% correct.

Hance was a money-grubber for conservative politics all his life. Fine qualification for Tech Chancellor. Tech administration never really hated government, all they wanted was THEIR hand to be the one in the public bank account.


dear quarterback Doege

A "perfect" game for me would be one where you don't give up when you get behind.

Error-free doesn't = effort-free.



I can't imagine that I am using this word in describing Texas Tech football, but is it possible that OK State players knew what was coming because we are so "PREDICTABLE"? Who remembers that days when the Air Raid had defenses so rattled that they couldn't keep their helmets on straight? Those were the good old days. Thanks for nothing Tommy!


Was Adam James injured on the

Was Adam James injured on the field, Saturday? I have reviewed the game and do not find any evidence that he was. I heard that he was injured in a car accident on Friday. Can anyone in Lubbock substantiate that? If it is true, there should at least be a police report.


Not Good

When the head coach has to go to the press to deny reports that his players were throwing the team's most recent game out of disgust, it's not good. It is also suggestive that, to put it mildly, there is dissension on the team.



Sounds like Tubs is saying not to worry about his guys telling the defense what we're going to run......they've already figured us out....Brilliant. All part of Tubs' grand plan to get us to a championship someday, but we're just too dumb to understand it.


Gave up?

Seth probably gave up....gave up hoping that a miracle would happen and someone with an ounce of football sense would start calling the offensive plays! We were so predictable that in the 3rd quarter he threw a 4 yard pass to a receiver that was double covered. No defense double covers a reciever that close to the line of scrimmage unless it has figured out the other team's game plan. Guess that I don't expect more from Brown. He's just following the lead of Tuberville. Blame anyone else for his shortcomings. It's amazing that the players still have any integrity at all.


WOW! Where to begin? Let's

WOW! Where to begin? Let's start with Tubberville. You can't discount his credentials and at the time he looked like the obvious one to bring us back. Unfortunately, I don't think he had a clue the offenses in the Big 12 were so uptempo and explosive. He has made a number of bad decisions in his coaching staff and that has been a problem. You can blame the offensive coordinator but I still don't think Tubberville believes in the uptempo offense and that is a problem. The team quit in the first quarter Saturday and they now admit it. That is a major concern to me. You have to have pride and never give up which is what Tech has always been about. Is this the coaching staff's fault? I don't know enough about what is going on to comment. We trailed in our first three games and came back to win. Then we jumped all over OU and do you think their coaching staff is not catching the heat? We have had an abnormal number of injuries both years and this is a major problem for a coaching staff. They are not going to fire Tubbs so let's see what he does in recruiting and if we come back from this disaster. A good question is, if they were to fire him, who do you hire?

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