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Tech gets three Calif. teammates

Posted: December 15, 2011 - 11:43pm  |  Updated: December 16, 2011 - 1:26am
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Texas Tech did a lot of losing during the 2011 football season, especially in the last two months.

Maybe the Red Raiders can combat that by bringing in a raft of players who knew nothing but winning this year.

Tech picked up oral commitments late Wednesday from three teammates on an undefeated California community college team.

Defensive lineman Lee Adams, outside linebacker Will Smith and wide receiver-return specialist Sadale Foster — sophomores at Riverside Community College — plan to transfer to Tech at mid-term and join the team for spring practice.

Adams said he is 6-foot-3 and 260 to 265 pounds. Smith is 6-3, 220 and Foster 5-8, 190. Their team finished 11-0 this season and ranked No. 5 in the nation by JC Gridwire. They’ll try to bring some quick help to a Tech program that suffered its first losing season since 1992, finishing 5-7.

“I feel like we can bring the winning type of attitude and hard work it takes to get you to that winning program,” Smith said. “We’re really easy to jell
with. We’re likable guys, so we can help team chemistry real quick.”

Smith, Adams and Foster all attended California high schools. They are among four Riverside CC players who flew into Lubbock Thursday night for campus visits this weekend at Tech. The three pledges said another teammate joining them on the trip, Riverside cornerback Bruce Jones (5-9, 175) who had four interceptions and a team-high 12 pass breakups, also would like to commit if the Red Raiders offer him a scholarship.

Tech defensive ends coach Robert Prunty started recruiting the Riverside players only two weeks ago, Adams said, and won them over quickly.

“Within those two weeks,” Adams said, “I built more of a relationship with Coach P than coaches that recruited me since the beginning of the season. I think I talked with Coach P more than any other coach out there.”

Adams, who can play defensive end or defensive tackle, was credited with 40 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, seven sacks and seven quarterback pressures. He also had three pass breakups and a fumble recovery. Adams said he had scholarship offers from Boise State, Duke, Colorado, San Jose State, Texas-San Antonio and Washington and an offer from UCLA before coach Rick Neuheisel was fired.

The speed rush might be his best asset.

“I don’t want to sound cocky,” he said, “but I don’t feel anybody can stop me one on one.”

Adams was at Arizona State in 2010. He was suspended indefinitely by then-ASU coach Dennis Erickson after an October 2010 incident in which Adams and another teammate were arrested on suspicion of second-degree burglary for allegedly stealing laptops and other electronics from an unlocked dorm room.

Adams said being able to go to a school with at least two of his teammates was icing on the cake.

“Personally, I was going to commit before they offered the rest of my teammates,” Adams said. “But once they did that, it just made me feel that much more confident about my decision.”

Smith returned to his hometown of Riverside after one year at Division II Northwood University in Michigan. He was second on the Riverside team this season with 88 tackles, including 13 for loss and 1 1/2 sacks. He also made three interceptions, four fumble recoveries and five pass breakups and was credited with five quarterback pressures.

Smith’s scholarship list included offers from Nevada, New Mexico, New Mexico State, San Jose State and Gardner-Webb.

He said versatility is one of his strong suits.

“I’m feel like I’m an athletic kind of linebacker (who can play) run-stop and pass coverage,” he said. “I’m a do-it-all kind of linebacker. I don’t need to come off the field for any type of package.”

Foster made a team-leading 56 catches for 750 yards and 12 touchdowns. He also will have a chance to help the Tech return game. He returned 24 punts for a 13.4-yard average and a touchdown and ran back 22 kickoffs for a 28.5-yard average.

“I’d describe myself as a playmaker,” Foster said. “I can make guys miss, break tackles and I’m pretty multi-talented and versatile.”

Foster said he also drew recruiting attention from New Mexico State, Sacramento State, SMU and Louisiana Tech and Kentucky.

“I waited for the right opportunity to come along, and it happened to be Texas Tech,” Foster said. “So when it came, I jumped on it.

“I grew up watching Texas Tech football. I know about their throwing offense. I have confidence in their throwing ability and the quarterback and the coaching staff. Tommy Tuberville is a great coach. That helped me a lot in making my decision.”

Despite growing up in California, Foster said he has long admired the Red Raiders from afar.

“I’m a big fan of Michael Crabtree,” he said. “Growing up, watching him break screens, score touchdowns, win the Biletnikoff Award two years in a row, that was a lot of inspiration for me.”

Mid-term transfers can sign financial aid agreements starting Wednesday.



The following players have made commitments to sign with Texas Tech. The national signing period begins Feb. 1 for spring graduates and Dec. 21 for mid-term transfers.

Clayton Nicholas, 6-3, 210, QB, Abilene Cooper; Quinton White, 5-8, 188, RB, College Station A&M Consolidated; Keenon Ward, 5-10, 180, IR, Snyder; Sadale Foster, 5-8, 190, IR-KR, Riverside (Calif.) CC/Riverside North HS; Reginald Davis, 6-1, 188, WR, Tenaha; Dominique Wheeler, 6-2, 175, WR, Crockett; Jared Kaster, 6-4, 268, C, Altair Rice Consolidated; Trey Keenan, 6-6, 270, OT, Argyle; Halapoulivaati Vaitai, 6-6 1/2, 267, OT, Haltom; Michael Starts, 6-4, 280, OT-DL, Waco La Vega; Lee Adams, 6-3, 265, DE, Riverside (Calif.) CC/Corona (Calif.) Centennial HS; Desimon Green, 6-4, 230, DE, Chatham (Va.) Hargrave Military Academy/McKeesport, Penn. HS; Chase Robison, 6-4, 225, DE, Memphis (Tenn.) Christian Brothers; J.J. Bynum, 6-3, 280, DT, College Station A&M Consolidated; Anthony Smith, 5-11, 288, DT, Spring Westfield; Micah Awe, 6-0, 196, LB, Mansfield Summit; Ryan Flannigan, 6-1, 200, LB, Sugar Land Marshall; Will Smith, 6-3, 220, OLB, Riverside, Calif., CC/Riverside (Calif.) Notre Dame HS; Kris Williams, 6-2, 202, LB, Dallas Bryan Adams; La’Darius Newbold, 6-1, 180, CB, Lancaster.

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News From Don Williams

Wonder if Don Williams would like to cover this story? There are 60 bowl teams. Two years after Mike Leach we are not one of them. There is zero Texas Tech buzz ANYWHERE. Meanwhile, Mike Leach was interviewed on ESPN radio yesterday and was called by Scott Van Pelt "A better hire for Washington State than Urban Meyer was for Ohio State." Life continues during the nuclear winter in Lubbock.



I hope the scrutiny of our program is at an all time high and that individuals decide to do the right thing rather than go along with anything no matter the risk or cost because of the pressure to save the ship from sinking. Tech has been on probation before with a so-so program and we've been publicly humiliated with several players that I rooted like heck for as a happy Red Raider fan (e.g. Zebbie Lethredge and Byron Hanspard). We just did not have that type of trouble under Mike Leach, and that fact is not arguable whatever side of the Hance lobby toast you butter your bread on. Tubs and Hance are desparate because of the situation, but I do hope the individuals near them act with integrity and do the right thing when called upon to do the right thing, or else Texas Tech may go in a very, very bad direction that will not be rescued so easily when this nightmare ends. Short-sighted gain obtained no matter what the costs is a proven loser tactic and it lacks integrity.



Really LODOTX?

You may be oblivious of the background of some of Leach's recruits, but he absolutely gave kids the same types of second chances.

Leach had a recruit that came to Tech with a felony record for arson. He had another OL he kicked off the team and then reinstated. His crime you ask? Theft. He had another Houston recruit sign a scholarship, but never show up on campus. He is still in prison for armed robbery.

Despite the research that coaches do, some kids make mistakes. Many deserve second chances after they have attoned and matured. In the end, you hope the kid that stole the laptop wisely uses his second chance and wins a Heisman trophy like Cam Newton.


winning ways

hopefully these three guys can bring their winning attitudes to this Tech team. I understand they played at a much lower level last year, but this Tech team needs some attitude and "swag". Players who are use to winning have a positive effect on a team. Also, it is good the three played together so they already have unity. We will see how they perform on the field, but I am happy to see some guys from a winning program coming to Tech. Hopefully they can make an immediate impact



I agree with you but you're wasting your time talking to Lodotx and FactsRFacts. Their minds are made up that the end has come and if it hasn't they are determined to bring it. Everyone says JC kids are a crap shoot, but so are high school. If they weren't Texas would be the national champion every year. Bill Self has managed to improve his program (again) with help from the JC's. But LT and FF will run down every recruit, every coaching hire, Hance, Tuberville, Meyers, Hocutt, the AJ, and anything else or anyone else that tries to do or say anything positive about Tech, and then still claim to be such great fans. They love Leach in spite of the fact he didn't gives a rat's butt about them, Tech, Lubbock, or anything associated with it. Tuberville hasn't done a good job coaching as of yet, and may never, but the jury is still out. But he's did more to promote Tech and the community in his first 6 months (and continues to do so) than Leach did in 10 years. LT and FF will get back on and refute anything you or I or anyone else says because that's all they intend to do is tear down. If Hance, Tubs, the board and all the rest were gone tomorrow, they'd find a new dead horse to beat by Monday.



They will intend to call you a Fox news junky or a Right-wing nut job. These are the tactics that LODTOX uses, he will start on this political rant that is usually just a brain [filtered word]. Apparently if you support the Team you support the war and the mass killings of innocent people, and the support of our uneducated individuals going off to war. These individuals will try to call you a Hancer or a yes man, but they are all useless pieces of trash that will insult any athlete that signs with Tech.


Go Have a meeting

I hoep someday that LT and FF would become men and go to Tech campus and have a sit down meeting with Hance and Tuberville. A man takes his stand face to face. Easy to write in the basement. If we had not believed in Coach Curry the women's basketball team would not be in the top 20. It takes time and please go back and check out the injuries. Eric Stephens injury could have caused at two losses then we would be 7 and 5. Not good but stable and headed in the right direction. Some of us are behind Texas Tech University and Tuberville. Guns up.


7 and 5 will become the standard

Mr. Tuberville has coached 131 conference games in his career and has won just a hair over half of them. He hasn't won half of his Big 12 games to date but things will probably balance out over time. The point is that we can expect 7&5 seasons as a standard at TTU in future years. That's not being negative, it's just what will most likely happen. This means he will get us to a bowl next year and most people will be happy. Just don't expect any "we are going to be winning championships" seasons while this crew is at TTU or you will likely end up unhappy.



I'm still not sold on Curry (or Tuberville for that matter). In 5 years Gary Blair took over a program at A&M that was at least as far down as the Lady Raiders when Curry came, and probably further, and he won the Nat'l CHampionship. In the same five years she barely squeezed into the tournament and had an embarrasing loss in the first round. She is always 18-0, 19-1 or whatever when conference starts and then wins three, at most four conference games so we'll see how it goes this year. This group is better, no doubt but they have only had one decent match-up. EVERY game in conference will be tough. True they played well last year against Baylor and OK so maybe they've turned the corner but I can't get my hopes up yet.

Tuberville needs at least one more year but if there isn't marked improvement, the powers that be need to clean house and start from scratch. We definitely regressed from last year to this year and the talent level was just not there. I don't know what happened to the offensive line. They had been pretty good and this year they were really bad. I hope he can bring in some super coaches and turn it around. What we had wasn't getting the job done.

But having said all that, I'm behind him and Curry and hope they do well. The only thing it will take to get the national attention back that FrF and LDT talk about are WINS.


Kent Hance

Thanks again for a great Red Raider 5-7 season. If Leach was here we would be looking forward to another bowl game ... his 12th in a row.

Thanks, Kent Hance -- please go back to Dimmit and pick some cotton.

Tell your buddy Craig (Tiger Woods) James hello.


Facts and Lodo

Don't listen to the naysayers. It isn't pretty, but you are right. People claim Leach didn't win too much in the first two years. True enough. But he didn't inherit a team that won 29 games in its last 3 years. Unfortunately, the willingness to sip/drink/swill/gag on koolaid is such that it will take 3-4 (5?) years of pitiful performances before the anti-Leachers realize the truth: in an average year, 8-4 and a bowl game, w/ great graduation rates, is an EXCELLENT outcome for a school in an isolated spot, w/ little football tradition compared to its peers and far from an academic juggernaut. That's right, Leach didn't win titles. Nor can/has/will anyone else w/ TTU football. When Tubs is finally pushed out after a ~50% overall record and ~35% conference record after 4-5 years ... then what? More importantly, when the B12-2 breaks up, where do we go? Football rules, and we don't have it.

Finally, if "championships" are the critera (sayeth the anti-Leachers), why are we so happy to have a WBB team that will likely win 60%, tops, of its conference games? Thought it was B12 and national titles, or bust.

Nuclear winter? How about Baylor (yes, Baylor). Demonstrably better than TTU in all four major sports. Ugh.


Really people?

You are sitting here pulling the wool over your own eyes! Look at the offers that these kids had to other schools.......Gardner-Webb, Sacramento State, San Jose State, one of them even started at s Division 2 school before going JuCo. need I go on? Of course these guys were recruited in less than two weeks, it was the only program that recruited them that had a full size weight room. The JuCo guys that Leach signed came from big time programs before they got their second chance, not freaking D2 schools in Michigan. And to the point of facing people and speaking your mind, I called Joke Myers office everyday for two months after Leach was fired, I have called Hance's office more than 50 times in the past year, not to mention the repeated emails that remain unanswered by the chickensh*t administration. The problem with you people is you have no idea how to think critically and truly see the writing on the wall beyond the bull you are being fed by the admin, Tubbs, and the AJ's incompetent staff. It's a joke, and you are all eating it up like blind schmucks. I hate it, because I love Texas Tech more than anyone, it's a shame what the football program and the admin have become thanks to the Criminal Rick Perry and his political appointment Hance.

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