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After concussion, Porter is excluded from contact in practice, but that will change soon

Tre Porter missed Texas Tech's last four football games last year

Posted: August 14, 2012 - 11:06pm  |  Updated: August 15, 2012 - 12:26am
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Texas Tech's Tre Porter (5) was upended on a play last season as he and  teammate D.J. Johnson tried to tackle an Iowa State ball  carrier. Porter landed on his head, suffered a concussion - team officials tended to him after the play (below) - and he hasn't played since.
Texas Tech's Tre Porter (5) was upended on a play last season as he and teammate D.J. Johnson tried to tackle an Iowa State ball carrier. Porter landed on his head, suffered a concussion - team officials tended to him after the play (below) - and he hasn't played since.
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Tre Porter missed Texas Tech’s last four football games last year, but that’s all he cares to know about why. If you offered him a videotape showing the play on which he got hurt, he might burn it.

“I didn’t even want to see it,” Porter said. “It wasn’t something I really wanted to see, wanted to know how. I just know it happened, so I’m trying to get over it.”

Porter and fellow Tech defensive back D.J. Johnson were pursuing an Iowa State ball carrier in a game last October, coming from different directions and oblivious to each other as they zeroed in on the runner. Porter flipped over Johnson and landed on the back of his head, suffering a concussion.

He hasn’t played in a game since. And any time he’s stepped onto the field for a Tech practice, he’s donned a different-color jersey from the rest of the defense, signaling he’s off-limits to contact.

Two other Red Raiders with concussion histories, receivers Eric Ward and Austin Zouzalik, also are going non-contact only during this preseason.

“It’s pretty tough just to be away from the team,” said Porter, a 6-foot, 202-pound junior. “You can’t really help the team to succeed. Then you come back and they say you can’t do everything the team can do. So I feel like I’m kind of getting held back a little bit. But I know it’s for a good cause, so I have to stay positive about the whole process.”

Soon, though, Porter will be expected to resume a key role in the Red Raiders’ defense. He was the third-leading tackler on the team two years ago as a true freshman, and the week before he got hurt last year, he made an interception in Tech’s road upset of Oklahoma.

Though listed as a backup to starting safeties Cody Davis and Johnson, Porter is the first-team nickel back, often stationed near the line of scrimmage and covering slot receivers. In practice, two-thirds of his work comes at that position and one-third at safety.

“Tre is not a starting safety,” new defensive coordinator Art Kaufman said, “but maybe he really is in the sense that he may wind up being on the field more than anybody else because he’s playing more positions.

“Tre Porter is a major factor in our plans. He’s as big a factor as anybody we’ve got on our team. Time will tell where we need him the most. That’s kind of where we’ll play him.”

Porter has yet to be thrown into a full-contact situation, though he does do everything else the first-team defense does, including 11-on-11 scrimmage work. That’s been sufficient for Kaufman to form a positive impression of him.

“Very instinctive,” Kaufman said. “He’s a good player, a smart player and he’s a really good athlete. He’s got a lot of football savvy about him.”

Porter was started six games at cornerback last season before his season-ending injury came in week eight. His duties won’t be that different at nickel back, though he could have a size advantage on many of the pass catchers he’ll be covering.

“I like playing close, up tight against the little smaller receivers,” he said. “It’s kind of challenging, because I’m a bigger, physical guy and I’ve got to cover little shifty guys.”

The Red Raiders open the season Sept. 1, hosting Northwestern State. The fact he’s coming back from a head injury, Porter said, doesn’t worry him.

“I enjoy hitting people,” he said, “so it’s not going to be a real problem for me.”

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I'm glad that the coaches are letting Porter work out with the team instead of locking him in a shed with a guard posted outside.


That is funny ^^^^^

That is funny. Very true Nashville


Case Solved

I figured it out. Nashville Raider must be Hance and Bill214 must be Scovell. Because I know they are aware the boy James wisely recanted his fraudulent story when he found out lying under oath is a jail offense.

Accordingly, since they post verified lies, they must be the verified liars Hance and Scovell.

There will be no historical revision on my watch. Sorry.

Case Solved. They're Hance and Scovell.



Funny that nobody has ever claimed that James didn't have a concussion. Just wondering who the adult was in this situation. Go back to bed Red. You will feel a lot better when the drugs wear off.


@ red

Grab another beer red and take 2 aspirin. You might feel better when you wake up


Wrong Red

The "recanted statement" to which you refer was with regards to James' second day of "treatment" by Coach Leach. That's the day he origianlly said he was locked in the electrical closet (where the infamour cell phone video was made).

James did not recant on his allegation regarding the shed incident, which was confirmed by the trainer in his deposition.


Wow cool!

Nothin more gratifying than watching two of the top Hancers exchange a dorks "high five". Well it is the internet, you can fictionalize anything you desire, even the account of the incident as told by the offspring of your crown prince, Mr Hances friend, the one and only Craig James. Who, under oath, mind you, stated he thought the entire incident was funny and that he was alone in both rooms, both days. Believe as you wish. Or believe how your idol, Mr Hance would have you believe. Look at bill214, the little toady, sucking up to Nashville "that is funny^^^^". Then once again, a poor attempt at copying him. Profound Billyboy! "grab another beer and take 2 asprin". Hey Nashville, arent you happy to have ol bill214 sittin by you on the Hancer Express? Hes a great asset to your cause.


Thats two, Elby

Two admitted liars, not even counting the gods of email, that your buying stock into, partner. He also slept in the shed. The same shed where players often took breaks and ice water. You make the shed out to be this vermin infected (sorry bill) wasteland hell on earth. Im ready for this season to start so you Hancers can concentrate on winning this year instead of doing your best to change your stories to fit your cause and destroying the legacy (not for Leach) of the greatest period in Tech football history. You guys are obsessive and unarmed, yet you trudge on.





Its ok man

Its all you got. I say use it man. Here let me try...nashville=hancer.... Sorry man, I got facts on my side I just dont get the same satisfaction that you seem to get out of that. Try again.



I know you got facts on your side. He's a Leacher and a loser too.


Thank you

For admitting your wrong. Finally. A top 5 hancer (hell there only about 5 anyway) admits hes wrong, thank you.



Have fun with your buddies at Evans Middle School this year.


Now I know

Oh come on Nashville. Man. Please. You gotta do better than that. Is Bill following you or are you following him. That was pretty bad, fella. This is like playing checkers with a little kid. Wheres Elby? Hes not much of a challenge, but I bet dollars to donuts he could come up with more than your last post. Look, Im giving you this whole thread to take shots at me, devoid of anything factual, mind you. Have a good evening. Making a fool out of you has become tiresome.

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