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Texas Tech seeking to make amends for "embarrassing" loss

Pain from last season's 60-point defeat at the hands of Oklahoma State motivating the Red Raiders

Posted: November 16, 2012 - 1:52pm  |  Updated: November 17, 2012 - 1:37am
Texas Tech will look to rebound from last year's 66-6 loss to Oklahoma State.  Stephen Spillman/Avalanche-Journal
Stephen Spillman/Avalanche-Journal
Texas Tech will look to rebound from last year's 66-6 loss to Oklahoma State.
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 STILLWATER, Okla. — Oklahoma State 66, Texas Tech 6.

The score says everything you need to know about what happened between the Cowboys and Red Raiders last year in Lubbock, but Tech players this week came up with plenty of ways to describe the crushing magnitude of a 60-point loss on their home field.

“I never in my wildest dreams — or even my nightmares — imagined getting beat like that,” Tech safety D.J. Johnson said.

“It was an embarrassment for the entire program,” quarterback Seth Doege added.

“We just got whipped,” coach Tommy Tuberville said, “outcoached, outplayed.”

Last season’s meeting featured two teams trending in polar opposite directions. Oklahoma State was on its way to a Big 12 title game and a Fiesta Bowl victory against Stanford. Tech was headed toward a 5-7 finish, its first losing season since 1992.

That didn’t make the drubbing any easier to handle for the Red Raiders.

“They were probably the better football team last year,” Doege said, “but there was no reason it should have been that lopsided.”

The teams are on much more similar paths this season, with a similar destination in mind. When Tech (7-3, 4-3 in Big 12) and Oklahoma State (6-3, 4-2) kick off at 2:30 p.m. Saturday inside Boone Pickens Stadium, both squads are aiming for a slot in the Alamo Bowl, which is likely to go to the game’s winner. Additionally, a 10-win season is still in play for the team that emerges victorious.

For Tech, though, making amends for the shameful loss it suffered to the Cowboys a year ago may be the biggest motivating factor the team is leaning on.

“That embarrassment factor is huge,” wide receiver Alex Torres said. “One thing you saw in that game that was uncharacteristic of us last year, and is especially uncharacteristic of us this year, was just the lack of fight, regardless of the circumstances. ... We’ve promised ourselves that it wouldn’t happen again.”

Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon, two of the players heavily responsible for Oklahoma State’s dominance last season, are now playing in the NFL, but the Cowboys offense this season has been potent nonetheless. The unit’s 561 yards per game are good for fourth in the country. (Texas Tech is 10th at 507 yards per game.)

“They’re very similar to Texas Tech when it comes to their offense,” Johnson said. “I just feel like we have to go out there and impact that and remember what we do against our offense to make those plays against them.”

The Red Raiders this week have focused on red zone offense. Tech has moved the ball with ease the last two weeks, but finishing inside the 20 has been an issue the team will have to resolve in order to succeed in a hostile road environment.

“There are times that it feels like we needed to really score touchdowns, very critical times in the football game,” Doege said. “And that’s what makes it seem that it’s like, ‘Well, we have a red zone problem.’ Well, we really don’t, but we need to score touchdowns. I think that puts us, obviously, in a better position to win a football game.”

Tech didn’t score offensively in the game against Oklahoma State last season, as the Red Raiders’ only score came on a 37-yard fumble return by Cornelius Douglas.

It’s just one more reason Tech believes it has plenty to prove Saturday in front of a hostile, orange-clad crowd.

“We’re a totally different football team than we were last year,” Doege said. “I don’t think we’ll lay an egg like that ever again.”


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Okie Lite 88, Texas Typical 0

The Birther, Hancer stoops to a new low in Stoolwater. This is gonna be pathetic.



RaiderPower3234, you're an embarrassment to represent yourself as a Red Raider. You're nothing but a troll. I have never read anyone who ios so ignorant. Turn in your guns.........loser! .


Another Troll

I assume by his screen name he probably has his posting privies suspended over at RP.


They Are All Big Games And This is One

The Big 12 Conference season is an elimination tournament.

Tech and OSU have been "on par" for a few years now. Up until our current coach arrived, OSU had NEVER won a game in Lubbock. And I remind you Tech & OSU were members of the Border Conference.

So this is another "elimination" game--this time for the Alamo Bowl bid.

I cannot imagine any team making up 60 points difference in 12 months.

It'll take 52 to beat OSU.



I've seen your posts and you really are a moron. You're constantly bringing your demented political views to a sports page. How pathetic are you? Go hug a tree so you can feel better. The football team isn't an embarrassment. It's "fans" like you that give Tech a bad name. You sound like an Aggot.



RP is a joke. For the most part, the owner doesn't allow honest criticism of tubby or hance. I will consider this weekend a moral victory if tubby only gets beat by 3 TDs or less.


Struggled with OSU as 10.5 point fave

but now think I understand.

In conf, OSU averages 35-26, a +9 differential. TTU averages 34-35, a -1 differential. (These scores must include OT points).

The game is played at OSU, where even ML won only once.

TTU is 0-3 against ranked teams (currently ranked). Ironically, this game won't help that stat. If TTU wins, OSU will be unranked afterward.

OSU has 2 conf losses, but nearly beat UT, but for a bad call. TTU has 3 conf losses, and required 2 OT wins to avoid 4-5 conf losses.

TTU seems only occasionally able to break 30 points in conf. So I'll go w/ TTU @ 27. OSU scoring 35 in conf, our D is a little worse than average, so make is OSU @ 40. I'm saying OSU 40+, TTU 27.


Did anyone remember to order.....

the extra helments for the assistant coaches and GAs?



If I was held down and made to bet, I think I would give the 10.5. And I'm always a sucker to always take more than 7.5.

Your thinking is exactly correct.

And I hope you and I are both wrong.



Oklahoma State 48, Texas Tech 27


Neil is key (stumbling block) to winning next two games !!

I've read comments this past week from fans at the game and watching on tv, saying they were predicting our offensive plays. I believe each and every one of them, because I've been predicting our plays while listening on the radio! I've been post-game critical of Brown the last 2 years, but have held my tongue(big OUCH!) this year trying to be positive. The D, while improved(thanks Art) is undersized up front and needs 2 yrs recruiting for proper talent and depth. Better luck with injuries to DB's wouldn't hurt, but that's uncontrollable. Neil Brown, however, has not progressed one iota in 3 years. In fact, due to the recent predictability of play calling, he's getting worse in his ripe old age! Yr 1 he was too inexperienced(troy is not BIG 12), and yr 2(no excuses) was just in over his head, and now he's proven he hasn't been good enough. However, everybody deserves a 4th chance, so if we score 40's & 50's the next 2 wks (and we win) Tommy might consider keeping him. TT26 OSU 48 BYE Neil.


RaiderPower.com is awful -- minor league web site

The essence of censorship and Redneck posters. Hancers and Birthers are only rednecks welcome.

Revise the score to 99-0 Okie Lite.

Arrest George Bush and Cheney or 9-11.

Hey Rednecks you lost the election. Republictards.



If Willis was a problem, then Glasgow was a problem, and Brown is and has been and continues to be a problem, are they the only problem? If Neil leaves, then will we need to have a compensatory bad season or two to allow the new OC to install his version of whatever? Then the new OC has little to no more success than Neil, will we need to have another obligatory adjustment rebuilding season for coach (fill in the blank that Tuberville knew from the University of Wherever) to see if his version of the whatever offense is effective? And then and then and then? And in March, 2025 the headlines read "Tuberville hires Kevin Oliver as new OC" We need to give him time to get his people in here, you dont build a winning program overnight. My heart says Tech 41 OSU 40. My heart also thought we would elect a different president.


@ coyote

Do What?? I'm sure you had a thought but still not sure what it was. You been trying to read a little sci fi lately with those comments? Maybe your trying to predict the future...whatever. Dude, its the holiday season and all but we dont need ifs & buts and candy & nuts on here.


So much for that plan.....

I guess next years our year huh....

Loved the tweet by Wes Welker awhile back about getting Kliff Kingsbury as a HC....not sure how he'd do as a HC nor that he'd even leave A&M since they're rolling and he grew up an A&M fan...but at least we'd have an offense that could help our sucky defense.

I don't know about y'all but it sucks when the opposing team takes their opening drive for a TD and you immediately feel the pressure because you know your D sucks and your offense is going to be lucky to score more than 20...


Hope & Change

Well, I guess our plan didn't work out very well. I have been trying to hang in there for Tubberville and Co. this year, but today was my breaking point. We were out coached and out played. We don't even have a good line-up for punts. Whoever thought of that formation needs to be gone tonight. But so does Tubberville. I don't know who is out there, but it can't be any worse. Doege only threw one deep pass (incompletion) the entire game. Completed a mid-range pass that had a long run. One deep pass the entire game I know he was pressured, and we couldn't buy a block, but one deep pass? My 11 yr old grandson could call a better game. Really. I HOPE that we can get a CHANGE, and get it now. I love Tech, and that is why I am so disgusted, embarrassed and disappointed.



Im sorry but my previous post was not intended for you to read. It was more directed toward those who have the ability to comprehend writing above an elementary school level. Unfortunately I omitted "dude, lol, knucklehead, stooge" and similar words which make up the bulk of your limited vocabulary. I apologize for any confusion.

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