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Texas Tech-Texas game in 2013 to be played on Thanksgiving

Posted: November 19, 2012 - 7:52pm  |  Updated: November 20, 2012 - 1:14am
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Texas Tech will play its game against Texas in Austin next season on Thanksgiving.

Tech spokesman Blayne Beal announced the news via Twitter on Monday afternoon. Beal wrote the rest of the 2013 Big 12 schedule is expected to be released soon.

The Tech-Texas game will mark the first for the Red Raiders on Thanksgiving.

Texas had long played against Texas A&M on the November holiday, but it is now likely to rotate opponents following the Aggies’ departure to the Southeastern Conference.

The Longhorns host TCU on Thursday.

Tech has not defeated Texas since 2008.

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well hell now thanksgiving's

well hell now thanksgiving's ruined....



UT will be served up a "turkey" for Thanksgiving next year in Austin!!!



Strong rumor has it that this is part of a plan to rotate opponents in order to get TU a nationally televised home game each Thanksgiving. Hate it.


Tale of Two

I think 806rdr and those rumors are probably more realistic. There really are two vastly different worlds of reality and hope at work here, only one of which makes sense.

UT is biding time and, in their eyes upon Texas football, there is no legitimate interest among their fan base and alumni to substitute TCU, Tech, Baylor or anyone else for A&M in order to establish a new longterm Thanksgiving Day tradition, with the possible exception of a team that has yet to join the Big 12. And by the way, most sports folks these days cannot really discern the difference among TCU, Tech and Baylor....THANK YOU KENT HANCE AND JAMES CLAN, and kudos to Patterson, Briles and Griffin III.

Longhorns hope, along with the rest of the sports world outside of Lubbock, that UT and A&M bring back the tradition. As a lifelong Red Raider, so do I. There is nothing wrong with appreciating the UT v A&M game. Hopefully UT will come to its senses.

From Tech's perspective, many of the fans and alumni hope or even delusionally believe that Texas Tech has earned the right to step into A&M's shoes for this game for the next few decades. It is their hope that A&M's departure is an opportunity to elevate Texas Tech nationally.

There is one big problem though. Tech's trajectory---prior to the major Big 12 departures and that thorn the Longhorn Network and ESPN created in so many sides---is no longer Tech's trajectory. There was just no doubt that in the Mike Leach era, Texas Tech football looked more and more exciting each and every year. If anything then, A&M had yet to right its ship from mediocrity to exciting. That is no longer the case. Texas Tech has returned to regional relevance only and it is foolish to think we are just one or two seasons away from moving up a tier. We are not.

UT may want home games nationally on Turkey Day, they may be waiting for a deal with A&M along with a specialized TV payoff, or they may use Thanksgiving to attract a nationally recognized team into the Big 12. But it is almost entirely a joke that Texas Tech will be the A&M in the age old A&M v. UT rivalry.

Tech has to chart its own course to national relevance. It was doing exactly that, establishing its own brand and personality, and that path got cut short prematurely and unjustly. We get what we deserve and bad karma will last until we right our ship. The damage caused in 2009 is ongoing and those that caused it are still wrecking it all to wreck. We should finally say we've had enough and tell them to wreck off!


Thanksgiving 2013

I bet it will be a "Gray" day and that all the gravy will be "Brown". Once we are torched in Austin, there will be nothing but "Ash" for leftovers.

Someone in Hance's office should start writing the PR talking points for the Friday after Thanksgiving 2013. Memo to Tubs, please do not allow any players to show their faces at the presser after the game and say the following: "It's always tough to have a short week for preparation. In the Big 12, one week you are preparing for a wide open offense like Oklahoma State. Then, to turn around and have a short week to prepare for a very solid rushing tandem like Malcolm Brown and Jonathan Gray, particularly when by this month you are so banged up across the line. FYI, I will refer to some of those line injuries as costing us the game even though you and I both know some of those injuries occurred after the score was already 35-7 in the second quarter. I think UT is an example of how to use the rush to set up the pass, you know, how to just play football the way football must be played. No more questions, no more questions."


The Problem We Have....

is the current state of our athletics department is irrelevant.

The entire revenue sports lineup, with the exception of football, cratered a long time ago. Then, on December 30, 2009; the football cratered.

We have no bargaining chips. Everywhere we go, we have our hat in our hand. For TCU to walk in from the cold and immediately receive the Turkey day date with UTex said it all.

If we can buy Tier I status (That's what our leadership understands) then it is time to do it, because our TV viewability is in a state of demise. Conference realignment season is on and Hance's "All Things 'Horns" strategy will eventually come to nothing. The Almightys will simply feed us to do the dogs.

So here we are. Two more losses to go. Then what?


I hope we have a new coach by then

The Hancer and The Birther need to be unemployed by next Thanksgiving.


UT loses their rival and

UT loses their rival and chooses to finally play us on Thanksgiving next year because its a home game anyway. I hope this bites them severely in the azz!



So much wrong here...lets start..

1) Athletic department is irrelevant:

How could you possibly measure this? We just won a conference championship in tennis, and national championship in cross country. The football team will finish with a winning record, and just spent 4 weeks in the top 25 nationally also every single one of the Tech football games was televised in some fashion this year, most national ABC games.... Soccer just made its first NCAA tournament ever, and won a nationally televised game.

2) Athletic Department revenue is up since 2009...

3) You dont understand the situation. Originally Tech was offered the home and home on thanksgiving. Texas Tech decided it would be a bad idea for Tech, as it would prevent most of its students from going home for thanksgiving, and they didnt think it reasonable that we would have good attendance for the game in lubbock on thanksgiving, as over half the season ticket holders live in Dallas/Fort Worth

4) Tier 1 is almost exclusively determined by the dollar amount of research done. This is a fact. This is the primary criteria. I am not sure how you could possibly confuse this with anything else, but that is the case. A universities job is NOT to educate. Its job is to RESEARCH.

5) Conference realignment is indeed happening again, however nobody in the big 12 can go anywhere, just like the big 10, SEC and PAC 12, the BIG12 Members have signed their media rights to the conference. It is up to the conference to expand or remain at 10 members.

For a guy whose name is Facts, youre sure wrong a lot.



You are 100% correct. You do not support one side or the other you are merely stating facts, I can agree with them.

Now for most that watched the game on Saturday I can understand why you are mad. Hell I went to the game, 7 hours up and 7 hours back for that stinking game. I am mad, and still mad about Tech's performance. For me it was 50/50, the players and the coaches should be held responsible for that turd. The players didn't execute and the coaches didn't help them out or put them in the right direction. Period.


@ agallion & RRFL

I agree with you on everything you stated, or your facts. Keep in mind factsrfacts has flipflopped like a gymnast from last year to this year several times. I guess he thinks people forget but he stated all kinds of BS like "if tech beats iowa st they they can win the rest of their games" or maybe "art kaufman is the MVP".

If you read his post above it doesn't quite sound the same as the first half of the season. Hey factsrfacts, stop sounding like a bitterman. You are sounding more and more like feaco, coyote & suzy complaining and crying over everything. If your so sure of the next 2 losses then go bet in vegas and stop your cheerleading act. Your worse than a politician. One day your for tech the next day you sound like your about hang from a shower rod.

Tech is 7-4 now. GO TECH BEAT BAYLOR

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