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Brewer consults Johnny Football to get the lowdown on Kingsbury

Tech QB dialed A&M's Manziel to find out what to expect

Posted: December 17, 2012 - 5:34pm  |  Updated: December 18, 2012 - 1:29am
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Texas Tech's Michael Brewer will look to flourish under new head coach Kliff Kingsbury. (Stephen Spillman)
Texas Tech's Michael Brewer will look to flourish under new head coach Kliff Kingsbury. (Stephen Spillman)
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When Texas Tech hired Kliff Kingsbury last week to be its head coach, Red Raiders quarterback Michael Brewer knew who to call for some insight. The night of the Kingsbury announcement, Brewer was on the phone to Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Football’s message: You’re going to love this guy.

“I talked to Johnny for a long time the other night about coach Kingsbury,” Brewer said, “and he had nothing but great things to say about him. It just got me that much more fired up to be coached by him.”

Manziel and Brewer both are redshirt freshmen. Manziel won the Heisman Trophy, and Brewer is the favorite to take over next season for Tech senior Seth Doege.

The young quarterbacks have known each other since about junior-high age when they first crossed paths at football camps. Brewer and Austin Lake Travis beat Kerrville Tivy and Manziel 48-42 in an area-round playoff game two years ago — one of two losses Lake Travis hung on Tivy that season.

So Brewer called up Manziel on Wednesday night to learn about the Red Raiders’ new head coach who spent this season as A&M’s offensive coordinator.

“The main thing that sticks out in my mind when he was talking about him was how hard (Kingsbury) works,” Brewer said. “He said he’s the first one here in the office every day. No matter if it’s a bye week or they’re playing Oklahoma or Texas, doesn’t matter. He’s the first one here every day and the last one to leave.

“He’s a players’ coach. The players are going to love him. We’re going to play with a lot of confidence, and he’s going to get us ready each week.”

Manziel’s success is part of the reason Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt targeted Kingsbury. With Kingsbury as his position coach and coordinator this season, Manziel set a Southeastern Conference record with 4,600 yards total offense. He led the SEC in rushing with 1,181 yards and ranked second in the SEC in passing with 3,419 yards.

Kingsbury said last week he’ll adapt his offense to fit the strengths of the personnel. That’s part of the reason Manziel had so much latitude to run.

Brewer, who’s similar in size to Manziel, said what the Aggies did this year suits his style, too. He rushed for 593 yards and 23 touchdowns as a high-school junior, and added 743 rushing yards his senior year. But to say he has Manziel-level running ability would be a stretch.

“Johnny and I joked,” Brewer said. “I said, ‘You know, I’m fired up to have a coach that’s going to let me run the ball a little bit.’ Obviously, I can’t run it quite as good as he can. We both laughed about that.

“But I feel pretty confident in my ability to run the football. I’m not going to break any 80-yard touchdowns probably, but I feel like I’ve got a good burst. I feel confident in all my off-season work and preparation that I’ll be quick and my speed will be ready to go and I’ll be feeling good running the football.”

Tech (7-5) is preparing to play Minnesota (6-6) in the Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas on Dec. 28 in Houston.

Brewer played in eight games during the regular season, completing 70.2 percent of his passes for 362 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

During the four days Hocutt spent searching for Tommy Tuberville’s replacement, Brewer seemed to be in a no-lose situation. The top two candidates were Kingsbury and Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris. Morris was Brewer’s coach at Lake Travis during the Cavaliers’ 2008 and 2009 state-championship seasons.

“He really wanted his old coach to be here,” Tech tight end Jace Amaro said, “but with coach Kingsbury, me and (Brewer) both ultimately agreed that he really brought the fans together. I think that was the biggest part, because there has always been that divide. With coach Kingsbury back, this is going to be one of the toughest places to play in the nation.”

Before the team meeting Friday at which Kingsbury introduced himself to players, Brewer didn’t get to do much more than exchange pleasantries. There hasn’t been time yet for any in-depth discussions.

Brewer said he got some feel for Kingsbury’s offense based on a couple of A&M games and highlights he saw this fall.

“They do a lot of things similar to us,” he said, “but there are some things that are different. There’ll be some learning going on, but we’re really looking forward to playing in it.”

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Michael Football....nah.

I know they aren't the same player, but they have some of the same skill sets. Brewer admits he's not the one to break it f0r 80 yds, but the fact that Kingsbury has worked with a similar type player and had success is a big plus! I think Brewer will be a better passer, but it wouldn't hurt to break a 40 yard run a few times. I also like that he wants to bring an attacking defense. I know it's good to keep it simple, but we need to get pressure on these Big XII QB's. Wreck'em!!


@ Al

I agree about putting some pressure on the QB. Until Kingsbury gets his defensive personnel we will still have depth issues in the secondary. That equals other teams trying to exploit it and throw downfield. So....that means there will be some big plays put up against the defense. Considering that situation what do you have to lose by sending some guys to the QB? Either way they will score, but if we can get some pressure on the QB and throw off their gameplan it will give our offense a better chance of winning.



That's what I have always said, "F*** Em" hit the quarterback three out of four downs and the game plan changes.


BREWER gets it. "We're going to play with ...

... a lot of CONFIDENCE". "But I feel pretty CONFIDENT in my ability to run the football". "I feel CONFIDENT in all my off-season work...". No mention of swagger. Thanks Michael, hope to see a good deal of you on the 28th.


The difference a scheme makes

Scheme matters.

TTU 70 Nebraska 10 TTU 39 UT 33- UT was #1 until the got beat TTU beat A&M (who had double the budget) eight out of nine years during the spread years


this is a young, young guy...

...to be taking a job this tough. Good luck to him. I worked in college athletics for quite a while, was a sportswriter and columnist, etc., and I can tell you, between recruiting, alumni relations, booster stuff, NCAA regs, you name it, being a head football coach at a fairly visible school in a megavisible conference is just an unbelievably massive job. Big. Really big. You want Xs and Os and winning football games to be your whole job, or at least almost all of it, but it's really not that way for most head coaches.

My guess is, Kingsbury's success is going to depend on how well his staff shoulders some of the rest of that load, more than with many head coaches 20-30 years older than he is. Some of those older coaches actually enjoy the coffee and the schmoozing and delegating real football functions out to the assistants, but I'll bet Kingsbury won't.


Brewer Has Gone to Heaven

Brewer was a brighter prospect coming out of high school than Manziel. If Manziel had been here behind Doege, Doege would have played.

Brewer is the perfect QB for the Kingsbury scheme, and we've got him for three more years.

Folks, I wish football season started TOMORROW.


Can't wait for the season to start?

FactsRFacts: It does sound like people are in for what might be a fun ride, doesn't it? I'm not a rabid Tech fan, strictly speaking -- I'm not from Lubbock originally -- but I do follow them and typically root for them, and I am a great admirer of how well they've done over the years in two really brutal conferences where they had to compete for recruits against teams like UT, OU, Nebraska, etc. Usually that meant trying to identify people who might be not quite top-tier, but who they thought would develop into good players once they got here, which is a really hard thing to do. And then along came Leach, and everybody found out that if you hit on an exciting and dangerous way to play that really threatens the top teams in the conference and the nation, you get top-tier recruits who want to throw the ball, catch it, and pass-block like they're blocking in the NFL, which improves their draft prospects, not to mention very good running backs who want to get a head start on a pro scheme. I mean, the whole thing was really a stroke of genius. And now, this new era. I'm with you; I can't wait.


Kingsbury will be good

The Red Raiders will be tough in the next few years I think. Kudos to Kent Hance and your AD for making it happen.


"Kudos to Kent Hance..."??

You must enjoy walking your dog through a mine-field!!


I'm surprised...

that anyone from tu would actually come on here and compliment us. Thank you Proud2BLonghorn......glad you see that we're going to be a force in the Big 12 again.....word of advice though.....leave off any references to Hance next time.


Hance is why Kliff is Here

I know there is a contingent on Team Leach's facebook page who is vowing to disconnect Hance from Kingsbury's hire, but the truth of the matter is Hance is why he is here.

Hocutt did the due diligence, but he was not around when Kliff was here and didn't know Kliff from any other inexperienced offensive coordinator.

Team Leach is going to continue to try and link Hance to Tuberville (this according to their Facebook page), but they are becoming a lost cause as their membership dwindles. Mike Leach got himself fired and you can't blame Hance for that. I'm quite sure Hance didn't ask Leach to say "F--- yourself" when discussing how to handle the Jame incident, and Hance has raised more money and done more good for Texas Tech as a university than any of our past chancellors.

Team Leach: Give it up. There are only about 10 of you left and none of you have degrees from Tech. We don't need a handful of high school graduates with an agenda representing a disgruntled ex-employee dictating who our chancellor should be.


If I'm reading FactsRSarcasm correctly ...

... he's not saying Doege is better than Manziel, but that Turdville & Brown would have started Doege over a freshman named Unitas, Starr, Staubach, Elway, etc etc.

Hance, Hance, Hance, Hance, Hance, Hance, Hance (thanks again nash) I may disagree with his political party, but he's been a fine man and great asset for this university.

Word of advice though: It's perfectly okay to disagree with the content of each others 1st Amendment rights, but let us stop trying censor each other based on our opinion of what we think others can or should say!!


I don't care...

who is responsible for hiring KK.....I'm just glad he's here and I hope he stays for many years.

I have received some trash talk from an Aggie friend of mine....seems there is a group of them that think Kliff isn't ready yet....and they think Tech will always have a hard time either bettering (is that a word?) or even doing as well as we did under Leach.

Funny how a little success can cause people to take this route.....no one stays on top of FBS football forever. Much less people who have only had 1 surprise year in a tough conference.

They're all drunk on Johnny Juice, not Kookaid down there in College Station. Maybe they need to go eat at Dixie Chicken and calm down a little.

Wreck "Em!!!!!!!!



Nope. No sarcasm. Tech waited about eight years for Doege to be a 5th year senior. If Manziel had been at Tech this year, HE WOULD NOT have started ahead of Doege.

Likewise, if Tannehill had had another year at A&M, Manziel would not have started for the Aggies until Tannehill left.

Manziel only got "discovered" because the "guy" had left.

And it is a fact that the Hocutt/Kingsburg meeting took place at Hance's Austin home and that Turner was in attendance. Those for certain. That is a total shock to me and it suggests Hance is finally leaving. Because there's no way Hance is going to be around for the media equasions pertaining to Coach X when Kingsbury wins.



Regarding Hance, he and Kliff's uncle have been friends forever and he's known Kliff since he was a kid. I can assure you if Hance decides to leave at some point it has nothing to do with who the football coach is or was. Good grief, you and that Leach contingent and all your stupid conspiracy theories sound like a bunch of 7 year olds.


Okay, I thought it was a well deserved jab ...

... at the former coach for blind loyalty to a lesser talent. I want the best QB to play no matter his name or how long he's been around. The past two years teams would have been much better served with a complete player like Manziel. Since coaches need to evaluate talent when recruiting, aren't they also tasked with doing so on the practice field. Sports is not a union where a person keeps their job based on seniority, otherwise the Patriots would never have won 3 super bowls as Brady would have been riding the pines. The head coach/oc OWE it to the ENTIRE TEAM to put the best players on the field, not the ONE who has been there the longest! Are you saying neither the A&M/TTU coaching staff are smart enough to deduce the better talent, only your "precious" can, or that we should support longevity over productivity?? You state your opinion, but no facts or reasoning as to how you came to your conclusion. Is it just because they are aggies and tubers and not leeches? Is your position based on logic and rational thoughts carefully considered, or is it an emotional outburst based on 3 yrs of negativity and your disdain for my views? Inquiring minds want to know what you stand for!!


HoopsJunkee sees through your hidden agenda!

I didn't get anything about kh@nce leaving from this hiring, that is just the wishful thinking of a small band of haters. It suggests that y'all plan to give credit for all King Kliff's upcoming accomplishments to your revered Remember Houston. Rest assured that the voices of truth and reason will be here to refute your falsities and bias. You are correct about just one thing though. Kent Hance's business schedule doesn't revolve around athletic dept. news conferences or interviews, so he probably will not be in the presence of any such foolishness that you mention.

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