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Hocutt endorses new Tech strength coach

The Tech athletic director said Wednesday he was impressed with Chad Dennis when he met and talked with him

Posted: December 20, 2012 - 1:10am


Kirby Hocutt thinks new Texas Tech football coach Kliff Kingsbury made a strong hire for the Red Raiders’ strength and conditioning coach.

The Tech athletic director said Wednesday he was impressed with Chad Dennis when he met and talked with him. Dennis was an assistant strength coach this year at Texas A&M, where Kingsbury was the Aggies’ offensive coordinator.

It was his second time to be on the A&M staff.

“I was very impressed,” Hocutt said. “Obviously, he has tremendous experience. He has tremendous connections in the state of Texas. He has an approach that, as far as his role, is consistent with what Kliff is looking for.”

Dennis went to high school in Baytown and is a 1993 graduate of Texas, where he spent two years as a tight end and two years as a student assistant strength and conditioning coach. According to his A&M biography, he also spent a year as an assistant at Connecticut and seven years as assistant director of sports performance at Houston.

His tenure at UH and A&M overlapped with Kingsbury’s.

He also spent six years as a physical therapy technician.


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Sounds good to me ...

as "Kirby the Kliffbringer" is on a roll. Thanks Kent(read your wikipedia bio today. Very impressive. Salute, and thank you for your service to the Republics)!


Hope and Pray

We finally have a good coach and it appears the athletic department is being straightened out ion spite of Hance's meddling. Since Hance caused the debacle in the athletic department, Tech has become the laughing stock of the Big 12 and Texas football. Hopefully he will stay out of the athletic department and let Hocutt and Kingsbury do their job.

If Tech were really lucky, athletically and academically, Hance would resign or retire or just leave.


Hope and Pray

I'm hoping and praying comments like yours go away! Hance is Texas Tech and many more us support him than dislike him. He's an outstanding Red Raider!

Get over yourself feaco and take you negativism with you... We don't need you in the Red Raider Nation!



It seems you got thumbs down at 4 to 1. Maybe not everyone agrees with you.



I do not think Feaco was out of line. He said nice things about the coach and AD. I think there are many of us that did not really approve of the way the Leach debacle was carried out. I have forgot and moved on. He merely expressed his opinion. I think the Raider Nation is in healing mode. If somebody makes a comment we do not agree with, take a coupe of deep breathes. I am behind the University and always was. I was not happy with the hire of Tubberville, but I kept going to games and supporting the Players.



You are right on! Hance needs to keep his nose out of the athletic department. Maybe, just maybe, he will let Hocutt and Kliff do the jobs they were hired to do. People who really know what they're doing hire the best, then back off and let them alone. Perfect case in point: how ridiculous the Dallas Cowboy's are because of Jerry Jones and his insistance he can coach the team. There is no telling how many Super Bowls Dallas might have won by now if he would have been smart enough to butt out. And I'm not a Dallas fan; just stating what is obvious.

Kliff was hired just in time to avert a major High Plains melt-down from which recovery would have been extremely difficult.

Feaco, don't let anyone "run you off" this blog.....everyone's opinions are welcome. All of us in the Red Raider Nation have the right to post and express their opinions contrary to the wishes of some. I have your back if you have mine.....

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