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Talbot: You can never hit a woman

Saturday, he made a mistake that could cost him for the rest of his life

Posted: June 30, 2014 - 10:49pm  |  Updated: July 1, 2014 - 12:12am
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Nigel Bethel II wished his sister Taylor a happy birthday via Twitter on Thursday.

The freshman cornerback, who was enrolled at Texas Tech for the summer session, sent out a message he got a 94 on his last exam at Texas Tech on Friday.

He tweeted it was a good way to end the week.

Saturday, he made a mistake that could cost him for the rest of his life.

Exact details haven’t emerged, but the minor details will never outweigh the largest one — he hit a woman.

According to reports, Bethel, a freshman from Miami, Florida, punched Texas Tech women’s basketball player Amber Battle in the face during a pickup basketball game at the university recreation center around 5 p.m. Saturday.

And he did it hard enough to “cause serious bodily injury.”

Sunday, he was dismissed from the Texas Tech football program.

“Texas Tech Athletics has a zero tolerance policy on this type of behavior,” the school announced in a statement.

The statement was short, but it was all that was needed.

Bethel is no longer a Texas Tech football player.

If reports are true, Texas Tech did the right thing getting rid of him.

It is a mistake that simply is not forgivable.

Violence against women in any form is not acceptable.

It doesn’t matter if it is domestic, sexual or simply an argument between two players of a pickup basketball game that gets out of hand.

Tech police investigators are gathering evidence to present to the Lubbock County District Attorney, who will decide what charges to file in the case.

The police report said the suspect was released pending the filing of charges with the Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office.

But, it’s just a matter of time before something comes down from this incident.

It could be tomorrow.

It could be next week.

It could be months from now, but regardless of what happens with the charges, Bethel’s future is now in question.

His college football career could and maybe should be over.

Athletics spokesman Blayne Beal told the Associated Press that Bethel is being allowed to complete his summer school session.

But, he is more than likely done with the Red Raiders.

Yes, some other school might pick him up — he is a talented athlete.

It just won’t be a Football Bowl Subdivision university.

If Bethel is able to move past all of this he’ll end up at a junior college program or, if he is lucky, a Division II school.

That’s a harsh reality for an 18-year-old.

But, that’s life.

In a tweet after the incident, Bethel said, “Trouble always seems to find me ... ”

It was a telling statement from an 18-year-old.

Nothing can excuse what he did.

Trouble didn’t find him.

He found trouble.

Battle, at 5-foot-10, is taller than the 5-9 Bethel.

It doesn’t matter.

Did she taunt him? Only the few people that were there know for sure, but, it doesn’t matter.

Did she just simply school him on the basketball court?

Again, it simply doesn’t matter.

Maturity is knowing when and when not to retaliate — when to defend yourself and when to simply walk away.

It is about learning how to keep cool, even when you are pushed to your limits

Bethel didn’t do any of those things.

Instead, he allegedly punched Battle in the face hard enough to break a bone or two.

It was an immature action and a head-scratching incident that should never have happened.

That’s why Nigel Bethel II is no longer a Red Raider.

And, today, he only has himself to blame.

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too bad

More than likely a promising career (but who knows) flushed down the drain at a pick-up bb game. I've read some of his Tweets and he sounds like an explosion ready to happen. On 2nd thought, I guess it did.



you can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you cant take the ghetto out of the boy. Prison is where he belongs.


Recruiting Florida

In Florida, HS football players are idolized far, far, far more than in Texas. In addition, they enjoy virtual free agency WHILE IN HIGH SCHOOL. I speak from 1st hand experience.

I have said before that great care must be employed when recruiting people in that environment.

Go Tech.


Zero Tolerance??? Is It Really?

If Tech has a zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior, they BOTH should be removed from the teams. Eyewitness accounts have Battle pushing him hard enough to knock him down. Yes, he shouldn't have retaliated and caused her harm, but the fact that she put her hands on him in a threatening manner should invoke the zero tolerance policy as well. Will we see a double standard, or justice????



Why don't you go dig a hole and get in it, thats all here say, even if she pushed the poor little football player it might of hurt him then we didn't need him anyway.how many people have to tell people like you , you just don't hit women in Texas it's just not right but maybe for people like you. What are you going to do when they do the right thing and file charges on him.


Lots of violence towards women on and near college

campuses. Adding sports to the equation increases the potential of violence and/or aggression.

Having a male football player punch out a female basketball player makes the national news because they are both notable athletes.

I wonder how many female students have faced violence by male athletes, especially rape, and either don't report it because of the shame other folks put on them, or have their reports buried.

Somebody PMed me telling me they thought I was pretty messed up about a post, and I think it had to do with another article about this incident.

I stand by what I posted; It was her fault for playing with boys (general, not individual specific), because boys will be boys.

Young women hanging out with young men run the risk of being sexually assaulted by young men. Young women who attempt to compete with young men in public run the risk of other types of physical assault.

In either case, generally, it will be the female who is blamed, and the male excused and/or forgiven.

Hitting or raping people is never okay, except in self defense, and that only applies to the hitting. I think gender should not matter as much as it does.

Would this have been a story if it had been another dude he punched out? Would punching out a guy for pushing him have made it more acceptable.

I guess maybe so.


Right Thing?

The right thing to do is for everyone to keep their hands to themselves. I never said that hitting a woman was acceptable, but women hitting men is equally unacceptable in my eyes. As for the charges, I doubt you will see any filed. See, in Texas, the fact that he is black AND hit a woman, if they felt that he did something wrong he would already be locked up and the key on its way down the drain! Like it or not, he has a right to defend himself.....

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