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Lady Raider Notebook: Nobles, Schneiders show strengths and weaknesses

Posts on bench show strengths, weaknesses

Posted: January 12, 2013 - 11:55pm  |  Updated: January 13, 2013 - 1:33am
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Posts on bench show strengths, weaknesses

NORMAN, Okla. — Texas Tech coach said it was “amazing” to see how center Shauntal Nobles played in Saturday’s 65-55 loss to Oklahoma.

Nobles, who earlier this season was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, scored seven points on a perfect 3 for 3 shooting. She helped run plays smoothly, and showed little signs of a reduced stamina in her 15 minutes of play.

With Jackie Patterson and Kelsi Baker in some early foul trouble Saturday, Tech coach Kristy Curry went to the depths of her bench.

She called upon freshman Kellyn Schneider with 2:27 to go and the game tied at 25. The Sooners missed a pair of free throws, and Schneider promptly fouled Jasmine Hartman.

Curry immediately yanked Schneider for her older sister, Haley Schneider.

“(Kellyn’s) got to be able to box on a free throws,” Curry said. “Little things make a big difference in Big 12 games.”

Haley Schneider grad allowed a jumper over her 6-foot-5 frame, but she made up for it when she hit a short shot with 1:03 remaining in the half for her first Big 12 Conference action.

“Obviously if we didn’t have confidence in them,” Curry said, “then we wouldn’t have gone to them. So it’s great experience, and allows them to learn from it and grow from it and be better.”

Forwards struggle
on offense

While Curry gave credit to her bench post players, she called out starters Kelsi Baker and Christine Hyde and sixth-man Jackie Patterson for their poor offensive performance against the Sooners on Saturday.

Baker had a forgettable first half Saturday night against the Sooners, going 0 for 6 from the floor — including a stretch of three missed layups on one possession. She followed that up with an improved 2 for 4 showing in the final 20 minutes, but she had to play much of the second half tentatively with four fouls.

Hyde eventually fouled out, and Patterson picked up three first-half fouls.

The trio, which had plenty of looks in the paint, combined for 10 points

“Patterson and Hyde and Kelsi, they were 3 of 20,” Curry said. “That’s absolutely unacceptable, and combined with missed free throws we’re probably not going to win many Big 12 games.”

Tech remains winless in Norman since 2005

Texas Tech hasn’t won in Norman since Marsha Sharp’s penultimate season (a 83-70 win Feb. 23, 2005), and the Sooners have now won 15 of the last 16 meetings overall between the two schools.

Current Tech coach Kristy Curry credited the work Sherri Coale has done at Oklahoma in her 17 years at the helm.

“Credit Oklahoma,” Curry said. “What coach Coale has down, it’s phenomenal. We haven’t had much luck here, but we’ll continue to come back in the future and do everything that we can to get a win. We try not to look back, we always look forward.”

Looking forward, the Lady Raiders now face another team they haven’t beaten on the road since Sharp’s days: Texas.

Free throws

Texas Tech held the Sooners to their second-lowest scoring total of the season (OU lost to Vanderbilt 76-64) ... Tech still has not allowed any opponent to score more than 65 points this season ... Sophomore Tech guard Amber Battle made her first two career 3-pointers in Saturday’s loss, finishing with eight points.

Compiled by Tommy Magelssen

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Curry must go

Omg... You mean the big bench warmers played 1 minute? Holy crap Just think of all the experience they received ... That makes about a total of ten minutes of playing time in 120 games for the senior!! She spent more time eating breakfast this morning, than all basketball games combined

4 fouls on OU's big girls at the 11:00 min mark and you could post up or drive the lane to get one of them out of there?

Did you notice how Curry blamed it on her forwards this game? Before it was on her posts( and I mean that losely) 5'11"-6'1", doesn't really make you a post player!! And before that it was guard play.

Curry is 1-15 against OU since 2005! Wow

Hey big 12 coaches, just score 50 points and you beat Tech, because the girls are not pure shooters and clog the lane because you can out rebound tech, and Hyde is wild and she and Patterson pick up fouls

7 basketball players and 2 volleyball players and OU still beat Tech!! Elenberg reminded me some of OU' Robinson

Someone please fire Curry!!!.


box out

These girls (Schneider) have a hall of fame coach or whatever, and they haven't learned to box out on free throws? How in the world did these 2 nothings get scholarships? Wait, I know, their hall of fame mother-coach must have some "compromising" pictures of Curry hidden somewhere. These 2 couldn't start at LCU or Wayland.



Wichita65, you are talking about 2 young women. You might not agree with the way they play, but don't you think you're getting a bit too personal? How would you feel if someone spoke about your children like you have done about Coach Schneider's? While the Schneider girls may not have all of the basketball abilities to make them great division 1 players, that doesn't give you the right to call them "nothings". These two young ladies are exceptional scholar athletes and very good people on top of that. Please save your personal attacks for grown men and women. What has happened to you in your life to make you so harsh, sarcastic, judgmental and just flat out cruel? Does it help you get through your day to be so critical? If the answer is yes, then there's nothing I could think to say but, wow...Take into account that you're talking about someone's child/sister when you throw out your continuously harsh criticism.



If my daughters were given a full-ride at a 4-year school to play any sport, or be on the meat-judging team, I would expect them to know the basics of what they were there for. My point is they are of limited talent (6'5" is not talent, just their gene pool) and will never be an impact on this team. If Gillespie can yank scholarships then Curry should too and find someone with more talent to give them to. These girls surely would find it more enjoyable playing somewhere where they can play more, or even start. What fun is it to spend 4 years sitting on the bench, with full rides. They didn't even play against the Cupcake States or Nuthin' Universities.


couple of other points

Except for the players that quit or have injuries, the Schneiders have played less than anyone on the team. Kellyn (Fr.) has played in 10 of the 16 games for a total of 83 minutes and has scored 22 points. Her older sister Haley (Jr.) has played in 9 of the 16 games for a total of 68 minutes and has scored 13 points. I'm sure they are Christian young women, are nice to animals, and say "Yes Sir and No Sir" but they don't have basketball skills or talent to play in the Big 12. As a matter of fact, there are 2 or 3 others that fall in the same category. Curry is either a bad judge of basketball talent or isn't able to develop the low performers (read, can't coach) on this team.


Curry gives a

bad name to Indian and Asian sauces and cuisine everywhere. Krusty is ..., what, oh, basketball and not food blog?? Does she recruit or coach? Didn't think so, maybe she can cook. Her husbands an assistant? Okay, so she doesn't cook, clean, or coach. Constantly blames everyone else? So, ex-wives everywhere absolutely love her.

pb1, did you mean 2 bb players and 7 volleyballers. I would if I could, cause I don't believe Kirby is in charge here. Having a hard time reconciling the Turdville Ultimatum with a 5-yr contract extension for going 8-8.

I didn't read or interpret any personal attacks, except on the part of RR2007. Take out the Schneider's non-conference exploits, and they ARE nothings when it comes to Big 12 hoops. They need to have their scholarships rescinded based on ability, not whose daughter they are.

I do have to disagree with w65 though. I think it must be Krusty who has compromising pictures of kh@nce! Can't otherwise explain why she's still here.



No I did mean that OU is so wiped out due to injuries, they only have 7 basketball players avail. And have brought up 2 volleyball players just incase someone gets hurt, and yes I've seen those girls play on the court this season.

I too would not attack the 2 sisters personally, but they should have been put in earlier in preseason to learn some things, so when they did have to go in for 2 min stretches they are big enough to help with rebounds and alter shots.


Ultimately Curry

I remember when it was reported that the oldest Schneider girl had been recruited from Monterrey. With her height I had hoped that she would compete with Griner and finally give some height to this team. Whether it is true that Haley just doesn't have the talent for the Big 12 or whether Curry has just not developed her is irrelevant. She has been a non-factor and non-producer in basketball games. We know nothing about her work ethic, court practices, attitude etc., but ultimately what one should see is some great things from someone that was so heavily praised by Curry when this high school player signed. What is even more incomprehensible is why she would also give the younger sister a four year scholarship when the first sister has provided little to nothing on the court. Was the younger sister markedly more talented than her elder sister? If not, why in the world would you give a second scholarship when you already have some very good inside information as to what "product" you are getting? Ultimately, this is another outstanding example of Curry's lack of common sense when it comes to coaching. Every player is a gamble when he/she first signs, but the Schneider sisters are certainly not living up to Curry's hype.


pb1 (nice initials, by the way), I was just making lite of...

... the fact that Ellenberg/McFarland scored 40 between the two, and might have beaten us WITH 7 volleyballers for teammates. I'm trying desperately to see this torture in a humorous light (37-65 isn't funny).

Okay, so Texas is 0-4, and Curry is 0-fer in Austin, so something HAS to give. Texas is the leading rebounding team in the conference, and we have Curry's lesser half coaching our bigs.

I'm not instilled with confidence (or 'swagger'), but there's only 2 teams, so I guess we have a 50% chance.

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