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Lady Raiders get No. 7 seed, host South Florida Saturday at United Spirit Arena

Tech will play South Florida at 5:30 p.m. Saturday; Cal, Fresno State also headed to Lubbock

Posted: March 18, 2013 - 3:26pm  |  Updated: March 19, 2013 - 12:12am
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Texas Tech's Mary Bokenkamp, Monique Smalls and Kellyn Schneider react as the Lady Raiders were announced as a No. 7 seed in the NCAA tournament. Coach Kristy Curry sits behinds Smalls.   Zach Long
Zach Long
Texas Tech's Mary Bokenkamp, Monique Smalls and Kellyn Schneider react as the Lady Raiders were announced as a No. 7 seed in the NCAA tournament. Coach Kristy Curry sits behinds Smalls.
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Texas Tech coach Kristy Curry spent some time in the past week racking her brain and predicting where her Lady Raider basketball club would slide in during Monday night’s announcement of the NCAA Tournament field of 64.

She thought Tech (21-10, 11-7 in Big 12 Conference) might slide into a six or seven seed, and when the first region was announced Monday night on ESPN, Curry was right.

The Lady Raiders earned the No. 7 seed in the Spokane, Wash., regional, pitted against 10th-seeded South Florida.

“I’m excited where we did land, and I’m excited to be at home,” said Curry, whose team will play at 5:30 p.m. Saturday in United Spirit Arena against the Bulls. “This time of year it’s not so much about seeding sometimes. When you look across the parity, what does one or two spots give you, at that? I’m just excited.”

A victory against the Bulls (21-10, 9-7 in Big East Conference) will pit the Lady Raiders against either sixth-ranked Cal, which picked up the No. 2 seed, or No. 15 seed Fresno State.

Tech’s inclusion in the filed of 64 comes after a one-year hiatus from the big dance.

The Lady Raiders were bounced in the first round of the 2010-2011 NCAA Tournament by St. John’s.

“It’s good to get back, especially because we have all these seniors that had experience at both (making the field and missing out),” said Tech senior guard Casey Morris. “I think we used the negative as a positive and we learned from last year and we know that we needed to do good to get where we are this year, and we did it.”

If Tech defeats South Florida, it will likely face Cal in the second round, adding an additional storyline to the Lubbock sub-regional. Morris played at Cal for one season before transferring to Tech.

“It makes me want to compete more. We got to play them my first year when we transferred here, and we beat them in Las Vegas,” Morris said. “We wanted to get them again and it just makes me want to compete even more, and I’m even more excited to play a team that’s right next to my home and everyone knows that I went there my first year so I just wanted to play them more and more.”

Before Morris and the rest of the Lady Raiders can shift their focus to Cal, it must deal with a South Florida squad that was one of the final four teams included in the tournament.

Curry said she spent some time watching South Florida in its most recent game against Notre Dame, so she is familiar enough with the basics of the Bulls.

Tech’s players are less so, but eager to find out.

“I’m excited, I was ready for anybody,” Tech guard Monique Smalls said. “I don’t really know much about South Florida, but I know in the next couple of days our coaches will have something prepared for us. I’m looking forward to playing somebody new that we haven’t played before.”

Twice the Bulls played No. 1 seed Notre Dame tightly this season, taking the Irish to overtime earlier in the year.

South Florida is led by its guard play. Sisters Andrea and Andrell Smith, who average 16.5 and 13.8 points per game, respectively, lead the team in scoring. Inga Orekhova, a 6-foot-2 guard from Ukraine, averages 12.2 points per game and has made 73 3-pointers this season. South Florida is making its first NCAA Tournament appearance since 2006.

Curry said matching up against strong guards in the Big 12 should help Tech as it prepares for South Florida, especially the Smith sisters.

“They’re a unique duo. I’ve read enough and been aware enough of what goes on across the country,” Curry said. “So we’re excited about that challenge, and hopefully our league prepared us a little bit.”

Cal and Fresno State will tip at 3 p.m. Saturday in United Spirit Arena. Other teams in the Spokane regional include No. 1 seed Stanford, fifth-seeded Iowa State — one of seven Big 12 teams that made the field — and No. 3 seed Penn State, a favorite to advance to the Sweet 16 to face the winner of the Lubbock subregional.

Tech’s inclusion in the NCAA Tournament marks the 20th appearance for the Lady Raiders and second under Curry.

“There’s a tremendous amount of pride that goes into it,” Curry said. “I think it’s number nine for me, and quite a few more if you add those assistant years in there. So it’s something that you wake up and you want to be about every day. We’re just proud to have this program back. I’m happy for our seniors, our entire staff, everybody.”





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Was looking for Tech to be a number 7 seed, I was thinking a 10 seed., good luck ladies.



USF lost to Notre Dame 2 times, UConn once, and Louisville once during their conference season. ND beat them in the finals of the Big East tourney. They may be a 10 seed but their competition has been top notch all season. Look for Curry's bunch to be one and done; since Spring Break is over, look for the season to be as well. Git 'um next year, yeah right!!


uh-oh indeed !

If Morris can remember she's supposed to be a scorer on this team, she might get to play against her old school.

The Bulls leading rebounder comes in at 6.1 rpg. And we're at home. their players haven't been to the NCAA's. Krusty, this is a game we SHOULD win.

And here our 'coach' goes with the horsehooey again. No, Krusty, it's not nine! And no Krusty, you WEREN'T an assistant on any tournament teams here at Texas Tech. It's 2 (TWO), that's all, just 2, and with no, 0, zero, zilch, nil, nada, niente wins. NONE, okay, so just shut up with the boastful, self-aggrandizing cow-pies and win something. I'd be happy to jump on board and toot your horn, but you got to earn it, not talk it!

EXAMPLE of curry's awful coaching and recruiting - 'I was just so proud of our effort', in a losing cause! Chynna brown said ' ... as freshmen sometimes UNWILLING to LISTEN or LEARN ...'

Coach Tadlock, on post-game show after a VICTORY - We're not supposed to have to coach effort, and we DON'T !!

It's all about recruiting the right players. It all starts with the coach.


The truth is...

we are now stuck with Curry-Curry. Players who "fill it up" in high school will continue to come in and not be able to hit the broad side of a barn after being here 30 minutes.

As long as she is around, the building will remain empty.

Some of us remember otherwise.


Truly mindboggling

All of the negativity on this board. Absolutely nothing positive to say about the young women who represent our university.

Each and every one of you know-it-all mr. negatives should be ashamed of yourselves. You add NOTHING to this program. Absolutely NOTHING.

What you wholly fail to realize is how tremendously difficult it is to build a competitive program in a highly competitive conference, especially after the program's former coach drove the program straight into the ground due to her own inept ability to compete once the competition caught up and surpassed her.

One thing I will give Ms. Sharp credit for is this. She was smart enough to get out before she had to take the blame for what would have been much more mediocre results than what Coach Curry has been able to accomplish, after having to rebuild the program from the ground up.

Sharp left the program in the dirt. And what did we do? We named a highway after her.

Only in Lubbock.

We don't need a new coach.

We need new fans.


Jbage007 and all the other Krusty apologists

Pull your head out. The program was a step into and continue program when Krusty got here. There should of been maybe 2 down years with the coaching change. Krusty Curry came in and took a program with a viberant, loyal fan base (very rare in women's college basketball) and drove it so far into the ground that she will never recover. She lost the fans about 5 years ago with her..."It is what it is" attitude and it was always the players fault.

She took it for granted...the support here for women's basketball. She never tried to cultivate the fan base like Marsha did. Instead she would avoid people, act rude to them in public basically have a I am god and you don't talk to me.

She can not recruit, PERIOD. With the fan base we had, again very rare in women's college athletics, players that were outstanding wanted to come to Tech and play before 11-13,000 a game. Krusty has failed in all catagories of recruiting...and don't get me started on the style of play...lack of style that is.

Texas Tech women's basketball was one of the blue bloods in women's basketball. Do you think the blue blood men's programs at Kentucky, Kansas or North Carolina would allow such incompetence to happen. NO.

Curry has sucked the blood out of this program and with her salary, which at the time was one of the highest in women's basketball, this program is bleeding $$$'s. Only 800 to 1500 per game doesn't cut it.

Tell me this, if you were in business. You have a manager that is not producing, do you just keep on letting them suck from the pot with their salary? Ooooo Tech made the NCAA's. That wasn't a hope or a prayer before Krusty got here it was a Given! Twice in 7 years Krusty has now guided this once proud program to the NCAA's. The outcome of those...first time to EVER lose a frist round game in the NCAA's. And this time...sad to say...Tech will be one and done this time as well.

NO one on here is saying a thing about the players. The coaches are to blame for Tech's horrible showing and the fact no one cares anymore. This all rests on their shoulders. Texas Tech women's basketball is out of sight and out of mind. NO one cares. What used to be that to get into the first and second rounds in Lubbock you had to have season tickets even to sniff the bottom bowl. Now, only 1,000 tickets have been sold. Do you even know how much investment it takes to host a women's regional??? Tech is losing money on this due to the fact no one cares cause Krusty is not liked here.

Wake up Curry lovers. This program is dead and what is sad, NO ONE CARES anymore!


Another episode of 'A program in Jeopardy!'

Okay Kirby, I'll take "Once Proud Programs for 600". Great choice W65. And the answer is, Current Texas Tech coach Krusty Curry spent some time in the past week racking her brain doing _____ what? BUZZZZZ! Yes, jbg007.

'What is figuring out which southbound potholed dirt road to nowhere was going to be named after herself?'

Ooooh, that is so close, but no. Proud of that effort though. BUZZZZZ! Yes, RR2007.

'What is Kelly demonstrating to our bigs how a huge post slams it in the hole?'

Ooooh, nice double entendre there, but this is a family show and that's just not right. Nice effort there. BUZZZZZ! Yes, coyote.

'What is Koach Kliff breaking down film on our upcoming opponent and devising a game plan and new plays that work?'

Ooooh, great idea, we all wish Krusty was consulting Kliff and Tim and Chris, but only our women players put forth effort, not their head coach. And pay attention, you got the wrong sport. Poor effort there, you mangy flea-infested wanna-be-dog! BUZZZZZ! Yes, w65.

'What is our poor excuse for a chuckeecheese manager doing playing a prognosticating predictor of march madness instead of coaching up our players?'

Judges? Ding-ding-ding-ding. And it looks like we have a new winner, whoever is playing and coaching against Krusty in the next game of yet another season-ending nosedive!!! See you next time, folks.


more like

More like "What's My Line" than "Double Jeopardy".



Good Luck Lady Raiders!!!! Wreck 'em!!!


Where is the POSITIVE emotion?

What concerns me about Coach Curry is I have never seen her smile in interviews, even after a win!

Her flat affect is very discouraging to both fans and players I would think, and she probably has no celebrations or compliments in the locker room after a game.

Isn't is up to Hoctt to notice there is never a smile in her after game interviews? Let's see some rah-rahs from the coach as it is can be contagious!

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