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Tech's major sports had worst collective year in a quarter century: How did that happen?

Each of the flagship sports has had success in the last decade, but the four have been trending the wrong way in recent years.

Posted: June 16, 2012 - 11:05pm  |  Updated: June 17, 2012 - 12:50am
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Oklahoma State's Caleb Lavey levels Texas Tech's Jacoby Franks during their game in Lubbock. After surrendering 93 points the previous two weeks, the worse was yet to come as the Cowboys embarrassed the Red Raiders 66-6. (Stephen Spillman)
Oklahoma State's Caleb Lavey levels Texas Tech's Jacoby Franks during their game in Lubbock. After surrendering 93 points the previous two weeks, the worse was yet to come as the Cowboys embarrassed the Red Raiders 66-6. (Stephen Spillman)
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Kirby Hocutt can’t hide from the fact his flagship sports programs had disastrous results last season.

He doesn’t want to, either.

Tech’s athletic director, fresh off his first full year on the job, is using the 2011-12 performance as a call to arms for West Texans.

“We’ve seen the highest levels that we can achieve when we’re all together as one, when we’re riding together as a team,” Hocutt said. “We have got to continue to make strides in reigniting that swagger that comes with being a Red Raider. And reigniting the importance of us all being together as one.”

Tech’s fan base, parts

of which Hocutt acknowledged are still embittered by Mike Leach’s firing in 2009, just suffered through the worst collective conference seasons in nearly a quarter century for Texas Tech football, men’s and women’s basketball and baseball, according to Avalanche-Journal analysis. Those four sports failed to reach the NCAA playoffs or a bowl game in the same year for the first time since the 1988-89 school year.

Each of the flagship sports has had success in the last decade, but the four have been trending the wrong way in recent years.

Tech owns a .499 conference winning percentage (537-539) in those four sports since the Big 12 formed in 1996. That figure ranks fourth in the league, but the Red Raiders rank 11th (.365) out of the 12 original Big 12 teams during the last five years.

“It’s kind of to the point of being ridiculous,” said Jimmy Carmichael, a Tech quarterback from 1970-73 under Jim Carlen. “We went downhill.”

Falling behind

Last season, the Red Raiders won only 16 of their 69 conference games (23.2 percent) in the four sports, by far the fewest in the Big 12. Missouri and Kansas were next to last with 31 wins.

How did the bottom fall out?

“We’ve had change, right?” Hocutt said.

Two first-time major-college head coaches, Pat Knight in basketball and Dan Spencer in baseball, fizzled out and were fired in the last 15 months.

The football program dipped from 29 wins in Leach’s last three years to 8-5, then 5-7 under Tommy Tuberville.

Kristy Curry brought the Lady Raiders to their first NCAA tournament in five years in 2011, then watched her team collapse after a 16-0 start last season.

Hocutt threw himself into the equation, too, noting the change at athletic director — he succeeded Gerald Myers in 2011.

The current landscape is a far cry from the late 1990s, when Spike Dykes, Marsha Sharp, James Dickey and Larry Hays had Tech teams riding high in all four major sports.

Not to mention Tech’s rise to No. 2 in the national rankings late in the 2008 football season and a Bob Knight-led run to the NCAA tournament round of 16 in 2005.

“We were there not too long ago, and we’ve got to get back to that level,” Hocutt said.

Spencer’s dismissal on May 21 was Hocutt’s first firing since he arrived at Tech from Miami.

If he lacks confidence in coaches of the other major sports, he hasn’t tipped his hand.

He called them “some of the best head coaches in the country.”

“I think each program is at a different phase,” Hocutt said. “You learn from each year, and you make sure you’ve got the plan in place and the leadership in place within that program to get to the point that you’re working toward each and every day. I believe that to be the case with where we are today, and I’m confident that next year is going to be a successful one for us.”

Pat Knight, Spencer and Curry, who has made the NCAA tournament once in six seasons, all were Myers’ hires. Carmichael criticized Myers for letting those sports deteriorate.

“I like Gerald Myers as a friend, and I like him as a man, and I think he’s an honest man,” said Carmichael, an Austin banker. “But I think he was a poor athletic director. He didn’t hold coaches accountable. It frustrated me to see we’re letting things slide or not holding them accountable.”

Myers strongly disagreed, saying the coaches he hired all had good credentials.

“I couldn’t agree with him on that at all,” said Myers, who was AD from 1995 through mid-2011. “We held coaches accountable. We made changes when we needed to. We made some tough decisions. It’s never easy to make changes with coaches, but we made quite a few changes over the 15 years that I was (AD).

“I think this past year, it was kind of hard to explain, because if you look at all those years, all of them had successful records coming in. They had programs that were solid, and it was really the first time that we’d had that kind of year with all our (flagship) programs having hard luck. But I think you’ll see a rebound this year. I really do.”

The Tech baseball team finished fifth in the Big 12 in 2010, seventh in 2011 and ninth in 2012. During the news conference to announce Spencer’s firing, Hocutt said the regression was unacceptable.

He reiterated it last week, noting a team with nine pro draft picks — tied for second-most in the nation — “shouldn’t have finished dead last in the conference.”

Should that be a signal to coaches of the other struggling programs?

“Winning’s important and it always will be,” Hocutt said last week, “but I don’t think you can compare one program to the next. ... It’s hard to compare sport to sport, other than to say winning is important and we’ve got to provide that continuous improvement each and every year, providing that we as an athletic department and we as a university are providing them with the tools and resources to be successful.”

Money talks

In the fiscal year from Sept. 1, 2010, through Aug. 31, 2011, Tech had total revenue of about $51.2 million and expenses of about $48.1 million, according to the Equity in Athletics Data Analysis report. Tech ranked 11th among the original Big 12 schools in dollars spent on athletics, but was within $12 million of six other schools.

That being the case, Hocutt and Senior Associate Athletic Director Bobby Gleason both say the Red Raiders have enough resources to compete.

“I think it's always a challenge,” Gleason said, “but I also think we have the resources to be competitive at the very highest level.”

During the current fiscal year that ends Aug. 31, Tech expects to finish with $62 million in revenue and $56 million in expenses, Gleason said. The athletic department initially submitted a balanced, $54 million budget, and the numbers swelled after conference realignment and a signing bonus from the Big 12-Fox Sports television agreement, Gleason said.

Texas ($126 million in 2010-11), Oklahoma ($96.3 million), since-departed Nebraska ($78.5 million), exiting Texas A&M ($71.7 million) and Kansas ($70 million) outstripped the others in spending.

“Are there bigger budgets? Yes,” Hocutt said. “Do we have what we need to compete? Yes.”

The challenge for schools with smaller operating budgets is maximizing those resources, Hocutt said, adding his department places an emphasis on recruiting. There is data to support his claim.

According to a recent ESPN.com report, Tech spent $611,910 on football recruiting last year, more than any team in the Big 12. Texas ranked second, spending $577,976. The year before, Tech led by an even wider margin, spending $812,217 to second-place Oklahoma's outlay of $452,601.

At a crossroads

Tech administrators know a resurgence will rely on more than money.

The school's financial standing has not negatively impacted its other programs, a handful of which had banner seasons in 2011-12.

“It's a neat deal to be the underdog,” said Judi Henry, Tech's senior associate athletics director and senior women's administrator. “Maybe it’s the West Texas grit that, by golly, we don't have the most money, and money is not always what it’s about. ... At some point there are other parts, like character and work ethic, that overtake the money part.”

Underdog or not, Tech fans are expecting better results next season.

Carmichael was a blue-chip recruit who was part of the early 1970s’ golden era of Tech football. So for him, seeing Tech lose 66-6 to Oklahoma State and 66-42 to Baylor was especially appalling.

“It has been very frustrating,” he said. “It’s always on our minds. It’s always on our thoughts. I think this year when we experienced those two record-setting losses, that hurt a lot of people pretty deeply.

“I don’t mind losing to a better team — well, I do, but I get over it quicker — but when you’re getting embarrassed at home multiple times ... I’ve been real disappointed. I know there were a lot of injuries and a lot of factors led up to that, but I sure hope we do a whole lot better this year.”

That sentiment isn't lost on Hocutt, who knows next season will be a critical one for the Red Raiders.

“It’s an important year coming up, no question,” Hocutt said. "I believe it will be a successful one and a step forward for all our programs. There are magical seasons in the life of an athletic program and a university. I don't think you ever quite know when those are coming, but you have hope each and every year that there will be one right around the corner.”

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That's a question?

"Tech's major sports had worst collective year in a quarter century: How did that happen?"

Well, let's see the order should go something like this: (1) The hiring of Kent Hance as Chancellor--maybe Bailey figures in there somewhere. (2) The retention of Gerald Myers as the athletic director. (3) The hire of Bobby Knight. Was that a good or bad decision? Well, that falls back on the previous Chancellor, ant the famous encounter at United Market Street. (4) The retention of Knight's son--even though Knight did not present winning results, and his son wasn't any better (5) The firing of Mike Leach, Tech's winning-est football coach. Well, that has be discussed and cussed in previous comments. (6) The hiring of Tuberville and his lack of production of a winning team--which in some ways relate back to point 5. (7) Gerald Myers' replacement who is ??? and came from ???

The only solution to Tech regaining its rightful position, is to start at the top, and work the way down. There is one shortcut. Get rid of Tuberville.

So Tech fans will have to wait probably 5 years before we can regain our dignity.

BTW, I graduated from Texas Tech in 1967. That is for all of those deniers who claim folks who never attended Tech are commenting on the sorry state of the Tech Athletic program.


More beer and popcorn please.

I got no iron in this fire, so I can just sit back and enjoy the show.


Football will be better in 2012

This past year we were seeing the results of Mike Leach's poor recruiting on the football field. His last three recruiting classes were above average on offense and as bad as you can get on defense. We basically had a bunch of freshman for a defense last year, and with all the injuries we were fighting just to put bodies on the field. Tuberville has put together two great recruiting classes that should start showing progress this year, but there just wasn't any way to make up for Leach's poor recruiting in 2011.

Like Leach, Pat Knight also recruited poorly so basketball wasn't a surprise either last year. Women's basketball and baseball were headscratchers though.

2012 should be better for football and men's basketball for sure. Baseball is a question mark with a new coach, and women's basketball needs a change if it misses the NCAAs again this year.

With all the problems in athletics, at least 2011 was an exceptionally great year academically and from a fundraising standpoint because of Kent Hance.



The largest turd in the toilet bowl of excuses for last years cf of a football season "it's leaches fault". So using that pathetic formula anything good that came out of the previous two seasons was also "leaches fault". Did anything good come out of the previous two seasons? Just trying to get this convoluted theory straight. The recruiting of the former coach won 29 games over the last 3 seasons he was here. The losses had nothing to do with the marvelous defensive coordinators "somebody" hired, I suppose. I remain impressed with the tenacity of the micro-fraction of Hancers who continue to smash their head into the proverbial brick wall of overwhelming evidence contrary to their wild-eyed beliefs about the ramifications of the worst decision in Texas Tech sports history. It's not about Leach or the (I think) mythical "team leach". I think it is about narcissism and corrupt politics. The pirate, egocentric, profane thing be damned. It was ill-conceived and BAD for the university. Winning would be the magic bullet, but I don't think even the Hancers believe that's realistic unless there is some miraculous transformation. I hope and pray that's the case. I sincerely hope Coach Tuberville pulls a football rabbit out of the hat this season. Things were much better around here when there were "Red Raider fans", not "Leachers" and "Hancers". If there is any common ground among the fans it is we desperately want our kids to win. And I would venture to say, as my uncle used to say, "it's nut cuttin time". The "mushroom cloud", as some called it, of December 2009, will be a firecracker compared to this season if we have another losing season, we get blown out by a Dana Holgerson coached WVU team and, above all we sit at home watching Washington State play in even the lowest rated bowl. I would hate to be a Lubbock sports talk jock who is payed to make that look like a good thing (ahem 104.3). Until then, we have to hope for the best and support those kids as much as we can. Wreck Em.


Good Gracious

Worst year for those combined 4 sports ever! 25 years takes you back to 84-86', and so which years were worse prior to that?

And in which of those years did Tech have a groundbreaking, nationally known and winningest football coach get cheated in front of an entire nation by the likes of Craig James and a few good ole boys who know only power through money and deceit. Ralph Erdmann was on 60 Minutes prior to Leach. That was Lubbock to some, a lying pathologist helping a slick local DA rack up convictions. Leach was example of how innovation and individual, non-conformist honesty could make a small place big. Buddy Holly is to Leach, like Travis Ware and Erdmann are to Hance et al.

All other talk, about good era and bad era, next great year around the corner etc...is horse hockey. What happened was unique, nationally embarrassing, catastrophic relative to how Tech had improved its own reputation in football within a short decade, and ultimately, just plain wrong. And the wrongdoers are still enjoying their power through money and deceit. The kids never lost the honor and integrity. Just a few idiots took our over-achieving underdog West Texas grit and traded it for glass tower Enron-like ethics where money and lobbying-lawyer spin poison the entire we'll

When all the fancy buildings and hospitals, and rapid over-night growth, seem a bit too much, like when Texas Tech outspends UT and OU in recruiting, genuine Texas Tech folks, especially on the South Plains, will have their "Ain't Right" meters set off. Real, honest and earned success takes time and builds, year after year. At least we have our humility because like the tornado that defined Lubbock, some know how good can be destoyed in a day, whether by act of God or act of Hance.


What LODOTX said with a few additions....

Not a single refutable remark is found within LODOTX's post.

A few additions and thoughts:

1. The Bob Knight hire, at the outset, filled an empty building. I give Gerald fleeting credit on that one. The re-signing of Curry was one of the all-time worst decisions in the history of athletics.

2. The good thing about Travis Ware was that he stayed bought.

3. The omission of the words "Mike" and "Leach" within this article constitutes unrestrained lap dog homerism on behalf of the AJ staff. Failure to follow the despicable trail of greed (Perry--Hance--The Cheating of Leach--Tuberville) reduces the credibility quotient to about a 1.3 of 10.

4. The "Fancy Buildings and Hospitals" and the attendant money channeled through the accounts of building contractors are at the heart of why Hance, Scovell, Sowell, Anders, Turner, and White have any interest in Texas Tech.

5. The "humility" factor at Texas Tech, as measured from the top, will stay gone as long as the above listed have not been legally disassociated from the school and its athletics programs.


self-respect & pride

Hance & Tuberville have nailed shut the lid over any pride & self-respect we gained in football under Mike Leach.

Hope they're real happy with themselves.


Change is coming

Kirby has already indicated the acceptance of mediocrity of long tenures without championships will not be tolerated. Tech accepted average with my boy Spike and it continued with Leach. No more. No other BCS conference school has allowed non-championship tenures to continue for as long as Spike's and Leach's. None. Five years or your done. Go get 'em Kirby !!!!!


LODOTEX and RED couldn't.....

have said it any better. Right on the money!


We got Hanced...

Simply put... We are now experiencing Karma!


Why interview Carmichael?

Because he played 40 yrs ago? It doesn't give him particular status to make this article better -- and it's not a great article at all.


The cost of mediocrity

Having suffered through the Jerry Moore years, it was digestable since ticket prices were still somewhat reasonable. Now, when one factors in Red Raider Club donations, seat option fees AND ticket prices, the average cost per game per person exceeds $100 for football. And then there is basketball and baseball...

Fans will dictate how much more losing they can stomach. While many will argue that a "true fan" will support their team regardless, I also remember the days as a "true fan" sitting in embarrassingly empty stands with other "true fans" as we got drubbed week-in and week-out. In an economy where people are watching every dollar, college sports is discretionary spending and considered entertainment to most. No one goes to movies or restaurants with bad reviews. Don't expect them to show up for a bad team.

The unfortunate consequence of being a college coach today means one has to placate to the bloated egos of generous program boosters rather than focusing on just coaching and recruiting. Else how does a program get new facilities? The "build it and they will come" philosophy has become an administrative mantra.

I am optimistic about some of our recent hires and it has spurred renewed hope for the future of some of Tech sports. However, my gag reflex is hypersensitive. This fan would sooner make a scholarship donation and relax on the beach than suffer through any more unbearable seasons.


I don't have the answers, but

I don't have the answers, but I know that last years football season BROKE MY HEART! I was one of those fans that NEVER left a game early! Last year I left 2 games early. One of those I left at the end of the 1ST QUARTER. That's how bad it was hurting:( They finally managed to break my spirit. I have no hope that this year will be any better:(


Bad Decisions

There have been so many bad decisions by the Tech Board of Regents and the administration that his headed by chancellor hance that is is not even funny.

Just a few of the really lousy decisions include:

Firing Leach Paying Glasgow $400,000.00 to do a job he had never done before Paying Glasgow another several hundfred thousand dollars to fire him Hiring Pat Knight (His daddy was someone else's blunder) Hiring Tuberville

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Hance is running Tech like it is his personal toy and until he is gone, nothing will change.

As Coyote said, things were much better before Hancers and Leachers came into being.

Any time someone says something bad about (or true) about Hance or Tuberville, the phrase comes out that you must be a high school dropout and a leacher. Part of this comes about because Hance and his supporters have used a PR firm in the past that is famous for derogatory remarks rather than substantive comments.

On the other hand, people who are critical of the administration tend to call supporters of Hance hancers because they do tend to say the same derogatory remarks and they do sound like they work for the same pr firm.

One can dislike what is happening to Tech, One can think that Tuberville is a lousy coach and one can think the administration should be overhauled without being a leacher.

When I was at Tech in the sixties, the students, alumni and fans were pretty well united. We were Red Raiders who were anti-King and we were waiting for better days. Thankfully they came in the 21st century and unfortunately, the left again.


We Are Now the Bottom Feeders of the Big 12

"You reap what you sow." The football program was he only bright spot in our major athletic programs the last 15 years till the railroading of Mike Leach, I don't know where to start cleaning this thing up, but our administration and board of regents( immediate past and present) should be proud of themselves(LOL). When the soda venders out number the fans in the stands maybe some one will wake up. I don't know how long the local media and Texas Tech University think they can keep the wool pulled over peoples eyes, but judging from all the discontent both in print and spoken, I think the cats out of the bag.


Texas Tech

Are you kidding? Starting your your column with that kind of header. You are just asking for the defenders of Mike Leach to knock the wind out of Texas Tech again and again. If you ever expect the replies to stop, STOP BLAMING MIKE LEACH!!!!!!!!!!!

We all know who is to blame for what it going on with Texas Tech.


Hard facts

People do not like to hear the truth, but in order to correct the problem with Tech, you have to get rid of what created it. That is Governor Perry. He has appointed all of the board of regents and hance. Until we get a new governor, nothing at Tech will change.

Whether you are a republican, democrat or any other political party member, that is the cold hard fact.



It is good that the AJ has finally noticed the obvious. TTU's four basketball, football, and baseball programs are all doing very poorly. The reasons for the decline in the football program are obvious and well known. I do not understand the problem with baseball. Given the number of players drafted, the team had some talent. So maybe the problem there was coaching. The men's basketball program suffered from an obvious lack of talent. What Tuberville's apologists claim falsely in his defense was true for basketball. Gillispie found the cupboard fairly bare. We can hope for improvement later. I am less optimistic for women's basketball. That program was in decline even before Sharp left. The game has changed and is now dominated by the sort of larger and more powerful players that TTU has almost never been able to recruit. The days of winning with a team of small, fiesty country girls from West Texas may just be over.

While the AJ deserves credit for raising the question, the articles remained something of a whitewash of TTU's senior management. To begin with there was the attempt to blame the mess on Gerald Myers. Now Myers was not a great AD, but AD's have less actual authority and less to do with the success of individual programs than is often pretended. As to hires, Spencer, Curry, and Knight junior were hires that did not work out. On the other hand Myers did recommend taking the risk on Knight senior which worked out well while it lasted. (As to football hires, he probably deserves only small credit for hiring Leach and small blame for hiring Tuberville since those decisions are made more by chancellors, regents, and boosters than by the AD.) Also he was AD during many of the successful years.

The big whitewash, cover up actually, comes elsewhere. Ignoring Kent Hance's role in the decline of TTU's football program makes no more sense than trying to analyze the problems of the Dallas Cowboys without making referrence to Jerry Jones. The planning and execution of Leach's firing was Hance's work entirely. Leach humiliated Hance in the contract negotiations after the 2008 season, and Hance got even. Gerald was simply a cats paw. Whatever one thinks of Leach or Tuberville, the fact is that the decline of the football program began with that event. The decline is likely to continue in 2012.


Oh great, the Leachers are "Comment Section Trolling" again

I guess we should just get used to the t-shirt fans from Facebook posting each article on their page and instructing their creepy minions to come attack Hance because he fired an insubordinate coach.

Good Lord people, grow up. Leach didn't even sniff a conference championship in 10 years, treated the school like crap, abused players, and alienated every high school coach in the state (hence his extremely poor recruiting that put the football team where it is today).

I can handle people being concerned because no one liked what happened this past season, but the Leachers need to get a life. They aren't Tech fans, they're just PR tentacles for Leach and the PR Firm out of Fort Worth that organized Team Leach.


Why will this year be better?

I don't see where this year looks any better than last year, the season of ultimate defeats. I don't see why Tuberville never gets blamed for being a horrible fit at Tech. I can't understand why being average or worse is ok with anyone who supports Tech. I don't buy the theory that "true fans" never complain, just blindly support no matter how bad it gets. I am dumbfounded at the complete lack of media scrutiny and tough questions as opposed to puff pieces and praise. Blaming Mike Leach is as hollow as Obama blaming Bush. The entire Tech athletic department needs a house cleaning, as does the chancellors office and board of regents. When we Tech fans except last season as status quo, we have killed our hopes and dreams of better times. When we Tech fans demand better, we have shown our hopes and dreams of better times still burn in our collective spirit!


feaco speaks the truth !

Bill White would have put more Tech players in NFL draft this year.



Is very typical of the (one in a thousand) people that support Mr Hance. The party line of "Leach never won a championship", followed by the blame on Leach's recruiting for Tubervilles almost complete failure last season. They don't realize how desperate and pathetic that sounds prior to posting it, obviously. It's pitiful that this microcosm of tech "fans" in such an incredible minority presents its case based on fictitious premise as "Leach only went to average bowls" when their hero broke a 10 straight bowl streak. That the reason Tuberville didn't get us to a bowl last season due to Leach's "poor recruiting", when Leach won 29 games over the 3 years prior to him being fired because he failed to lie as instructed and wouldn't kiss the backside of perhaps one of the most hated GOBs in Lubbocks history. Then they revert to the "abused player" incident, when that player himself admitted under oath that he found that incident "funny" and never felt in danger. Then there's the Leach "shopping himself around" reason, when A) there is no proof to substantiate that claim, and, B) Leach was advised prior to the contract negotiations, by Mr Bailey, that he should probably "exercise his options with other schools" as the negotiations would never conclude in his favor. If the Leach v Hance thing were a football game, to make a bad analogy, Leach was Oklahoma St last season and Hance was TTU. So the "Hancers" seem content with coach Tuberville, as are, I'm sure, Techs opponents. Strange bedfellows. And as was mentioned by Tobyo, they have even stooped to the Obama-esque tactic of blaming every single problem on the previous administration (a hint at their probable political affiliation). I hope they won't have to defend this mess at the end of this season. What excuses will they have then? Wreck Em.


Championships !!!

Five years or you're out. We must overcome our past of accepting mediocrity. Go get 'em Kirby.



Bill White would not have gotten any more players in the NFL. And, who cares how many players go to the NFL other than the players themselves. Bill White might have started cleaning up the board of regents and the administration building by getting rid of the cancer that is eating up Tech.

Hoopsjunkee, you just proved my point about people who cannot answer a comment without making a personal derogatory remark. Thank you.



I'd turn that back around at you and say you are the reason so many people really dislike Team Leach.

Your group hates Hance because he fired a football coach. Period.

Your group hates Tuberville simply because he was the one to take the coaching position after Leach was fired. Period.

Your group cares nothing about anything other than Mike Leach and his PR endeavors. Period.

People who are Tech loyalists and graduated from Tech see right through Team Leach. You are a PR group for a bitter ex-employee and nothing more. If Hance were Mother Theresa you would still hate him simply because that is your agenda.



I've had chemo treatment and it was way overrated. Give me NFL talent anyday !!!!! Impeach Perry ! Impeach Perry ! We can do this feaco.



Good to see two people here that have to belittle people who say things about their god hance. What people really hate are things like 52-20, 66-6, 66-42, "We lost because of the wind", "The field was bad"etc.

Spike, we do not have to impeach anybody. We just have to live with the consequences until the next election.

You all keep those derogatory comments coming. This just shows how fractured the fan base at Tech is.



Again feaco speaks the truth. 52-20, 66-6, 65-21, 47-34, 66-42, 28-29, "We lost because of the wind", "Fat girlfriends", etc, etc. Five years or you're out. Go get 'em Kirby !


Again TxRed, you're angry and desperate

I think team leach is in your head. You have created this mythological monolithic group of evil doers because very little of your arguments have even the tiniest of substance. I have never met a team leach member. Nor have I ever met anyone who supports Mr Hance in this issue. Nor have I met anyone who has met anyone who supported Mr Hances decision to fire Mike Leach. I am a graduate off TTU as are most of my family, friends, and co-workers. This newest premise that people who preferred what we had to what we have now are not educated and only care about Mike Leach is, by far, the weakest, most meaningless argument you and the other 3 or 4 Hancers have presented thus far. It's not about Leach. It's about winning, pride, national tv, a united fan base and not about pirates, fat little girlfriends, or using profanity. Whether the coach is Leach, Tuberville or you, the rank and file tech fan prefers what we had to what we have. See that's your problem. You equate loyalty to the matador to loyalty to Mr Hance. I can't even imagine you, as a "tech graduate" thinking we're a hell of a lot better off now than we were 3 years ago. Unless you're a closet aggie or are horribly confused. Seriously, where are you guys? I'm in a profession where I meet a lot of people, and literally have never met someone who thinks like you. In your favor, though, I understand your anger. It's gotta be tough being in such a small ridiculed group.


Jones Stadium is no longer a feared venue in the Big 12

Texas Tech was 31-10 in home conference games between 2000-2009. They have lost 6 of the 7 home conference games since the coaching change. If that doesn't turn around this season we need to go back to the coaching well.

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