CINCINNATI - The last two "Doolittle Tokyo Raiders" presented the group's Congressional Gold Medal for permanent display at a the National Museum of the U.S.

April 19, 2015 - 12:35am

AUSTIN (AP) - Blue Bell Creameries will survive the crisis caused by a recent recall of products prompted by a finding of bacterial contamination in some of its products, but it will take a lot of work and a lot of money, experts said. The U.S.

April 18, 2015 - 11:06pm

HOUSTON (AP) - Storms packing winds approaching 90 mph are sweeping across parts of Texas and Oklahoma, causing widespread power outages in the Dallas area - including at a professional soccer game.

April 18, 2015 - 10:20pm

AUSTIN Texas' prison chief expressed confidence Friday his agency will track down more of the state's preferred execution drug once supplies are exhausted, and said he's unaware of any official consideration of alternatives.

April 18, 2015 - 12:15am

AUSTIN - Oil and gas companies putting Texas awash in money moved closer Friday to stopping cities from banning fracking, an early victory for Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and his sights on what he calls runaway local overregulation.

April 18, 2015 - 12:15am

AUSTIN - A bill that would allow Texans with concealed handgun licenses to carry their firearms openly is a step closer to becoming law.

April 17, 2015 - 5:38pm

AUSTIN - After three hours of spirited debate, the Texas House of Representatives on Friday gave preliminary approval to a bill that would prohibit fracking bans like the one Denton voters approved in November.

April 17, 2015 - 2:08pm

Three years ago, a company called Geo Care Inc. failed to win a contract from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to privatize the Kerrville State Hospital, one of the state's 10 psychiatric facilities.

April 17, 2015 - 12:22am

DALLAS - Access to medical care has long been a dilemma for rural Americans.

April 17, 2015 - 12:19am

AUSTIN (AP) - Going on the attack over a controversial private defense contractor on the Texas-Mexico border, state officials Thursday challenged public corruption prosecutors to finish a criminal investigation and clear their name.

April 17, 2015 - 12:15am